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Campus Connect FAQs

How do I login to Campus Connect?

What is my ETBU Student ID #? Where do I get it?
An ETBU Student ID is the randomly generated 9 digit number assigned when you are accepted to East Texas Baptist University.
Example: 4999-89999 (Never enter with the dash when prompted for your StudentID)

What is my student ID used for?

  • This number is sometimes used when requesting help from Financial Aid, Student Services, the Registrar's office, or your advisor to quickly pull up your records. These offices may request this number from you when you contact them for assistance.
  • You can find your Student ID in CampusConnect on the demographic page or by asking your advisor or admissions counselor.

  • This number is your primary User ID when accessing CampusConnect and it is used if you request your PIN via email.

  • It is highly encouraged that you know your StudentID and keep it with you at all times.

How do I login to Campus Connect?

  • Click Login at the top, right corner of the page
  • Enter your ETBU User ID (ex. john_doe) without spaces and PIN that was emailed to you when you applied for admission. If you did not receive your PIN or have lost it, you can click on the link that says "Click here to have your PIN emailed to you" on the Campus Connect login page
    • Enter your Student ID or SSN where prompted
    • Check your ETBU Email account for your PIN
  • Enter your Random PIN from Campus Connect '1234'
  • Once logged in, you may change your PIN by clicking the 'Change PIN' button within CampusConnect. PIN may be a four-digit number only.

How do I get to Campus Connect?

Pick the appropriate link from the ones listed below.

Student Campus Connect  |  Faculty Campus Connect  |  Advisor Campus Connect

Are there any more resources for Campus Connect?

Institutional Technology provides resources for using Campus Connect. Use these resources to further your knowledge.

Campus Connect Student Manual  |  Campus Connect Faculty Manual