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Alumni Spotlight Dr. Ken Hensarling (’78)

Alumni Spotlight Dr. Ken Hensarling (’78)

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“I know that attending ETBC was the right decision for me, and it has made a difference and lasting impact on my life.”

Explaining his journey to the Hill, Hensarling shares, “I looked at ten different colleges before high school graduation. My aunt and cousin graduated from ETBC in the early ’60s, and my father was a Baptist minister at the time. I liked the small size and friendly folks I met when visiting the ETBC campus.”

“I had many influential professors that stood out: Dr. Ben Condray, Dr. Florine Dean, Mr. Mac Groves, and Mrs. Dorothy Nell Rogers.” Ken clearly remembers Mrs. Rogers’s influence: "We were her diamonds in the rough, and it was her job to polish us until we shined brightly.” He shares that “she really knew how to push us and polish us she did. Because of that, graduate school was a breeze. Mrs. Rogers helped me understand that I could just dig down deep below those layers of fatigue and find the strength to carry on. Those were her words. She also told me to choose my friends and companions wisely. She said not to let the morally corrupt or spiritually bankrupt ruin my life. She was truly one of the folks who helped shape me in ways I still can see.”

After graduating from ETBC, Dr. Hensarling began a career teaching Theatre and Speech while earning a Master's degree in Theater. After seven years at the high school and college levels, he earned an Ed.D. in Computer Education with a technical degree in Computer Science Programming. Dr. Hensarling has been active in the technology industry for the past 37 years and currently serves as a leader for Hawaiian Telcom.

“My time at ETBU gave me the fundamental knowledge and tools that I use every day to be successful,” said Hensarling. In addition, he shares that “my faith in God became my own faith while I was in college, and it has continued to guide my life after college.”