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Faculty and Staff Mail Services

Faculty and Staff Mail Information

Thank you for helping us to process your mail efficiently and in a timely manner.  Using these procedures will help to assure that your mail is processed as quickly and accurately as possible. Much of ETBU’s mail is processed by part-time student employees and following these guidelines will help them to provide you with the best service. 

Mailing Address

Individual’s First and Last Name
Department Name
One Tiger Drive
Marshall, TX  75670 

Please insure that when you receive mail, especially packages, that they are addressed as above. We frequently receive mail simply addressed only to East Texas Baptist University, and the package delivery is delayed as we search for the recipient.

Change of Personnel

All departments are responsible for maintaining addresses and forwarding all departmental mail. If you change departments or have a change in personnel then you should notify the Director of Campus Services via e-mail at of the changes and when they are to take place (preferably the first day of the change). 

Special Mail Services

  • If you are sending International mail, please place a sticky note on the mail and give it to the worker at the window. International mail requires more postage and we do not read addresses before we run mail, therefore it is likely to be metered incorrectly.
  • Certified Mail. If you wish to send certified mail, we have the necessary cards you need to fill out in the mailroom. Please ask the workers at the window for assistance.
Incoming and Outgoing Mail

Incoming Mail

United States Postal Service Mail:

  • Mail is picked up at the Marshall Post Office daily at approximately 8:45 a.m.
  • Our goal is to have all faculty/departmental mail in boxes by 11 a.m.

Package Delivery Services

  • Services such as FedEx and UPS deliver throughout the business day. 
  • For overnight or express packages, the Campus Services staff will give the recipient a courtesy call informing them of delivery.
  • Storage space for packages is limited in the mailroom. Especially in high volume times of the year, please pick up your packages as soon as possible.

Outgoing Mail

  • On Campus Mail needs to be placed in the “On Campus” mailbox located beside the mailroom window. All On Campus mail must fit in the recipient’s mailbox. 
  • To students: Address with first and last name, as well as a box number. 
  • To faculty/staff: Address with first and last name written, as well as department name.
  • Do not place ON CAMPUS MAIL in the OUTGOING MAIL box. We do not read addresses as we run mail, and anything placed in the OUTGOING MAIL box is subject to metering charges.
  • All outgoing mail from departments MUST HAVE the department's name on it or it will be returned to your office
Metered Mail

Mail to be Metered

  • Mail to be metered should be stacked with all pieces facing the same direction.
  • If possible, please use rubber bands to secure your stack. If you need rubber bands, Campus Services will gladly supply them.
  • We can seal only the letter size envelopes as we put postage on them. If your mailing needs to be sealed, please leave the flaps down on the envelopes.
  • As of June 1, 2014, the lower case "etbu" logo has been retired and may no longer be used. Outgoing mail displaying this logo will be returned to the department.
  • Please be sure that your Department Name is on ALL outgoing mail. This insures we charge the right department and mail that comes back to ETBU is returned to the correct department. 
  • If mail needs to be charged to an account other than your supplies account please place a sticky note on the mail piece with the account name and number and hand it to a worker at the window.
  • If you are sending media via mail, please let us know so we can mark the package media mail and you can receive a reduced postage rate.
  • We remove all the mail from the outgoing box outside the mailroom at 3:00. If you bring mail to the mailroom after that time, please give it to the worker at the window. Please note we take all outgoing mail to the Post Office at 4:00 pm. 
Bulk Mailing

Bulk Mailing

  • Bulk Mail provides you with a reduced rate per letter or flat of $0.18 versus the $0.48 metered rate for first class mail. (Rates are as of October 2018)
  • Bulk Mail only applies to mailings with 200 or more pieces. 
  • Bulk Mails must be in zip code order from smallest to largest
  • Bulk Mail may be metered, or you can have the bulk mail permit stamp printed on your mailings when you print. 
  • If you want our machine to seal your envelopes when we apply postage, all flaps must be down. 
  • Bulk Mail has a slower delivery time than first class mail.
  • All departments must notify Mail Services of upcoming bulk mailings prior to printing or one month in advance of mail date to insure money is available on permits.
  • If you need trays to place your mailing in, please contact the mailroom about getting those. 
  • If have any questions, please contact Debbie Rogers