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Internship Opportunities

College Internships

Participating in an internship while still in college, gives you a foot in the door with a potential employer. In addition to the experiences looking good on your résumé, internships have other advantages:

  • You have the opportunity to "try out" your career
  • You have access to a larger network of people in your field
  • You can establish relationships with mentors in your area of interest
  • You gain college credit, pay or certification
  • You are introduced to the field's culture, norms and etiquette
  • You accumulate new skills
  • You acquire a "real world" perspective on an occupation
Local Internship Opportunities

If you’re a career-focused undergraduate or graduate student seeking a meaningful internship experience, then we invite you to email Chad Cox in ETBU Career Services at for an opportunity to explore and enrich your future career prospects in your local community.

Local internships provide an opportunity to gain valuable experience while continuing education, to train with people who manage the day-to-day business of the company or organization, and to combine individual academic study with on-the-job experience. East Texas Baptist University partners with a variety of employers, including the City of Marshall.