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Meet the Tutors

Saira Sitgreaves
Biology (Gen Bio, Nutrition, Microbiology, Human A&P, Biodiversity)
Marin Musicant
Chemistry (Chem Concepts, Gen Chem, Gen Biology)
Taylor Duran
Kinesiology (Kinesiology courses, Fund. A&P, Medical Term., PSYC 3331)
Courtney Myers
Math (Finite Math, Pre Calc, Calc 1&2, Statistics)
Alissa Marshall
Math (Stats, Pre-Calc, Calc 1&2)
Reagan Creed
Pre-Nursing (A&P, Nutrition, Chem Concepts, Intro Nursing, Pathopysiology)
Alison Earnhart
Psychology/Sociology/Data Analysis/Spanish
Hannah Holmes
Religion (Old and New Testament)
Michaela McLemore
Michaela McLemore
Faith Thiebaud
Writing Lab (English & Writing)

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Writing Center is Located in Scarborough 401

Lily Comstive
Kelsey Roberts
Kelsey Roberts
Criminal Justice
Olivia Gallegos
Olivia Gallegos