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Department of University Studies

University studies is a general liberal arts education. Rather than focusing in one specific area, this degree is a broad-based education in which students study a variety of different subjects in order to gain a better working knowledge of the world around them.

The University studies education prepares students for a lifetime of opportunities and changes. University studies major is available on a BA, BS, or BAS degree and is designed for:

  1. Students who wish to attend ETBU yet aspire to a career for which ETBU does not offer a specific major.
  2. Students who have accumulated hours at various other institutions who desire a BA, BS or BAS degree
  3. Students who encounter a major hurdle(s) in a specific major and wish to graduate in order to secure work as a college graduate.
  4. Students whose vocational / career goals require a general bachelor's degree rather than a specific major.
Contact Information

Vince Blankenship
Director of Adult Education  |  903.923.2002

Stacie Ray
Administrative Secretary  |  903.923.2209