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School of Education

Focused on field-based exposure, ETBU’s School of Education faculty share personal and practical classroom experiences to communicate proven teaching techniques. Each professor instructs utilizing the best teaching practices and classroom technologies. Graduates of ETBU’s School of Education leave the Teacher Education program equipped with the knowledge and skills to become effective Christian teachers. ETBU graduates are highly regarded and sought after among school districts throughout Texas for their competency and caliber of training. The School of Education offers majors in Elementary Education, Secondary Education, All-Level Education, and a Supplemental Certification in Special Education.

East Texas Baptist University's School of Education is highly sought after for several reasons. The program has an exceptional pass rate of 95% or higher on the certification exams required in Texas. ETBU's professors are engaging and committed to knowing each student personally to prepare them for the field. Ranked in the top fifteen schools for early childhood reading in the United States, ETBU's School of Education has 100% job placement within three months of graduation. Every student who comes through our program is equipped with the Christ-centered education, training, and knowledge they need to succeed as a teacher and administrator in public and private school environments. 

Contact Information

Dr. Amber Daub
Dean, School of Education
Professor, Teacher Education
903.923.2273  |

Dr. Jennifer Holling
Director, Master of Education Program
Associate Professor
903.923.2274  |

Dr. Karen Gentsch
Professor, Teacher Education
903.923.2278  |

Shelby Burger
 Certification Officer, Assistant Professor of Education
903.923.2204 |

Mrs. Jennifer Gillaspie
Assistant Professor of Education
903.923.2276  |

Dana Blackaby
Assistant Professor of Education
Thrive Coordinator
903.923.2401 |

Danyelle Meyer
Academic Secretary, School of Education
903.923.2277  |

School of Education
903.923.2277  |