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Meet Your Counselor

Ana Asencio
Ana Asencio
Freshman Admissions Counselor  |  Office: 903.923.2004
Mobile: 903.407.8158

Bachelor of Science in University Studies, East Texas Baptist University
Territory: Local East Texas, Dual Enrollment
Hometown: Henderson, Texas
Favorite Local Business: Central Perks
Hobbies: I enjoy singing, drawing, playing soccer, and spending quality time with family and friends!
Fun Fact: I am half Guatemalan.
Favorite Verse: Galatians 6:17
My advice to students: Get out of your comfort zone, make memories, and enjoy every second of your time here at ETBU!

Hannah Crisp
Hannah Crisp
Freshman Admissions Counselor | Office: 903.923.2019 
Mobile: 903.503.2020

Bachelor of Science in Health Science, East Texas Baptist University
Territory: Central Texas, All Other States excluding Louisiana
Hometown: Elysian Fields, Texas
Favorite Local Business: PizzaRev
Hobbies: Singing, fishing, running, and hanging out with friends and family. 
Fun Fact: I can yodel and I was the former Texas Watermelon Queen. 
Favorite Verse: James 1:22
My advice to students: I would encourage future students to never get comfortable with their own plans and ideas. Always reach for a higher goal but remember God's plans are far greater than we can ever imagine. 

Alex Dorman
Alex Dorman
Transfer Admissions Counselor | Office: 903.923.2012
Mobile: 903.407.8155

Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management, East Texas Baptist University
Territory: Southeast Region and Out of State
Hometown: Longview, Texas
Favorite Local Business: Shivers
Hobbies: Drone photography and spontaneous adventures.
Fun Fact: I created my own clothing company in college with three close friends.
Favorite Verse: Psalm 27: 14
My advice to students: Be patient and trust that the Lord has a plan for you.

Brandon LeBlanc
Freshman Admissions Counselor  |  Office: 903.923.2006 
Mobile: 903.407.8157

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, East Texas Baptist University 
Territory: Dallas
Hometown: Keller, TX 
Favorite Local Business: Silver Grizzly Espresso
Hobbies: Playing tennis and hanging out with friends.
Fun Fact:  I like to tell jokes, but they're not funny. Also, I have received a pocket call from a well-known Meteorologist while on air. 
Favorite Verse: Ephesians 4:15
My advice to students: Be intentional about getting involved, get out of your comfort zone, follow your dreams, and lastly intentionally seek Him and His plan for your life!

Maddie Sherwood
Transfer Admissions Counselor  |  Office: 903.923.2007 

Bachelor of Arts in Agricultural Communications and Journalism, Texas A&M University 
Territory: Northwest Region
Hometown: Midland, TX 
Favorite Local Business: Central Perks 
Hobbies: Running, quilting, and walking my dog Murphy. 
Fun Fact:  I am a former ETBU cheerleader. 
Favorite Verse: James 1:27
My advice to students: Enjoy every minute. It goes by faster than you think. 

Colton Whitefield
Freshman Admissions Counselor  |  Office: 903.923.2009 
Mobile: 903.578.1091

Bachelor of Business Administration, East Texas Baptist University
Territory: East Texas, Louisiana

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Favorite Local Business: Pazzeria by Pietro’s
Hobbies: I love to be outside, play sports, and hang out with my friends.
Fun Fact: This is my first full-time position.
Favorite Verse: Nahum 1:7
My advice to students: Choosing a college is not the easiest thing to do, but ETBU is a school that you won’t regret giving a try. ETBU is a community of believers who truly care about your life.