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Concerned about affording a private college? It's time to take a look at the value and opportunities available at East Texas Baptist University.

ETBU awards over 16 million dollars in total financial aid, including federal and state aid. With the financial assistance ETBU can provide, your out-of-pocket expense can be very affordable. 99% of our students receive aid!

2022-2023 Estimated Costs
Plan Cost Notes
Undergraduate cost per semester (full time students) $13,725 per semester for full time students
Undergraduate (if enrolled in less than 12 hours) $915 per hour if enrolled in less than 12 hours
Dual Enrollment (MISD students) $50 per hour
Dual Enrollment (All other high school students) $100 per hour
Master of Arts in Christian Ministry $387 per hour
Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling $250 per hour
Master of Arts in Religion $387 per hour
Master of Business Administration $387 per hour
Master of Education $387 per hour
Master of Science $387 per hour
Undergraduate General Student fee $655 per semester
Graduate Student Fee $235 per semester
Additional Tuition Hour $915 per hour for any hours over 18 hours

*Students living in Centennial, Fry, and Linebery halls are required to have at least a 14 meal plan.

Block tuitions also covers the cost of tuition for courses offered in August, December, January, Spring-Break ministers, and May term courses. Students will be responsible for paying the Mini-Term Course Fee of $35 per course.

Please note that the costs listed above are BEFORE any scholarships or other aid are applied.

Remember that over 99% of our students receive aid which makes your out of pocket expenses very affordable.


ETBU awarded over $10 million in scholarships and grants this year and over 99% of our students receive financial aid. This makes your out of pocket expense much lower than the above amount. ETBU strives to provide an affordable, quality education.


ETBU offers a payment plan that allows the semester charges to be divided into five payments. 

2022-2023 Estimated Costs
2022-2023 Academic Year Semester Year
Tuition (Block) $13,725 $27,450
Centennial Hall* $2,400 $4,800
University Apartments $2,450 $4,900
Mabee & Ornelas Halls $2,350 $4,700
Fry & Linebery Halls* $2,140 $4,280
University Park Row Houses (6 person unit) $3,120 $6,240
University Park Row Houses ( 2 person unit) $3,180 $6,360
Oaks on Grove Townhouses (6 person unit) $3,120 $6,240
Unlimited Meal Plan* $2,469 + tax with $300 flex dollars $4,938
14 Meal Plan* $2,267 + tax with $300 flex dollars $4,534
7 Meal Plan $1,730 + tax with $350 flex dollars $3,460
Flex Dollars Plan $200 in flex dollars (UP & Oaks only) $400
Fees (General & Laundry) $730 $1,460