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Branding FAQs

What is a 'brand mark?'

It is a symbol that represents a product or service. Effective brand marks achieve immediate recognition in the marketplace, and give an instantaneous message about the qualities of the entity they represent. These marks are frequently registered with the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States.

Why are visual graphics standards necessary?

A strong and consistent visual presence is essential in today's competitive, global marketplace. Without standards, people tend to make their own modifications and unintentionally create new brand marks that weaken the message.

Does branding require that every project and message look exactly the same?

Your favorite soft drink company produces different varieties that vary greatly. However, they share a common brand mark. Creativity is encouraged across the University. Branding is simply a way to connect all messages with a common theme.

Can I modify the brand marks slightly?

No. Effective branding keeps the basic look of a logo or mark consistent and familiar.

Where can I get approved copies of our branding materials?

Download copies of approved logos from the Logo download section or find them in the Shared Drive under Marketing and Communication>Logos on your University computer.

Should I discard or replace materials with former logos?

Yes. Please disregard or replace materials with obsolete logos.

Where can I find an easy to read list of current branding standards?

You can find a printable list of current brand standards here.

What are the official fonts of East Texas Baptist University?

  • Articulat CF v2
  • Trajan Pro
  • Calisto

I have read the Style Guides and still have questions. Who should I talk to?