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Canvas FAQs

What is the link to login to ETBU Canvas?

How do I login to Canvas?

Canvas will use your ETBU username and password. The default is the first part of your email address as the username, and the password is the first two letters of your last name, the last four of your social security number, and "tigers."

Why isn't my login working?

Canvas uses your ETBU username and password. Most of the time if you can login on a campus computer or login to your TigerMail, the same ETBU username and password will work with Canvas. If you are still having problems, you may contact 903.923.2021 for your password to be reset, or you may email

I just registered. Why isn't my login working?

Canvas has an automatic sync process with the Campus Student Information System (you may know it as Campus Connect). This sync will run every six hours, so the system will link up within that time frame. After that has completed, you should be able to login and see your courses.

My Canvas photo keeps changing, how do I fix that?

The Canvas System is set to pull in the photo you had taken by Student Engagement for your Student Identification Card on a regular basis. While you can change it on Canvas, you will notice it changes back after a number of hours automatically.

What do I need to access Canvas?

A computer with Windows 7, 10, MacOX 10.6 and newer, Chrome OS. Mobile devices with iOS 7 or newer or Android 4.2 and newer systems should be five years old or newer with 1GB RAM minimum 2GHZ processor. You will need at least 512Kb of internet bandwidth

What browsers are supported?

Internet Explorer v11 Microsoft Edge 39 and 40 on Windows Safari 9 and 10 Chrome 60 or 61 Firefox 54 or 55 (extended releases are NOT supported).

Where can I find more ETBU Canvas Resources?

Take a look at our Canvas page. It will give you other resources, tutorials, and contact support.