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Giving Societies and Donor Recognition

East Texas Baptist University values the support of all of our donors.  The University recognizes certain donors for their cumulative lifetime giving and estate planned gifts.  These recognition groups celebrate the generosity of alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends who make gifts each year to support on-going operations and whose lifelong commitments help secure ETBU’s future.   

Founders Society

Membership in the ETBU Founders Society is reserved for those who have contributed at least $100,000 to the University throughout their lifetime. 

P.J. Whaley Bronze Circle | $100,000 - $499,999
P.J. Whaley was a Marshall civic leader, who offered to donate the second $1,000 to build a Baptist college in Marshall.

M. Turney Silver Circle | $500,000 - $999,999
M. Turney was a Marshall banker, who offered the first $1,000 to build a Baptist college in Marshall.

W.T. Tardy Gold Circle | $1,000,000+ 
W.T. Tardy was the Pastor of First Baptist Church of Marshall who cast the vision for a Baptist college in Marshall.

P.J. Whaley Bronze Circle Members

Samuel Taylor 
Laverne Plunkett 
Q.C. Murphy 
Rusty and Joy Howell
Oakland Heights Baptist Church
Dr. Ben Condray
Central Baptist Church
Texas Independent College Foundation
Hal and Joyce Cornish
Emma Baldwin
John Dean
Sibyl Young
Jerry and Ginger Hamilton
Paul and Jane Meyer Family Foundation 
Ed and Gladys Hurley Foundation
Joe Hogue
James A. "Buddy" Davidson Charitable Foundation
Marshall Economic Development Corporation
Annette Harrison
Esther Ando
Slone Construction Company 
Oscar Phares
Estate McAnally
Patsy Hollandsworth Foundation
Dennis McGuire
Estate of Janet F. Florence 
Gene and Lois Grammar
Dr. Roger Chapman
W.N. Vickery
Dr. Billy and Winky Foote
RW Fair Foundation
David and Elizabeth Anderson
E. Leon Carter
James Sturrock
Loy Gilbert
Jessie Ash
Ed and Deloras Baker 
Virginia Moore
Made-Rite Company
Union Pacific Company
Howard and Jocelyn Crouse Trust
Moody Foundation
James Kates
James and Joycelyn Rogers
Joe Lovelace
Janet Colbert 
Johnny Mosley 
Mobberly Baptist Church 

M. Turney Silver Circle Members

Marshall and Joan Anderson
Charles and Alice Fry
Lonnie Pilgrim
Bruce McMilliam, Jr. Foundation
Roger McKinney 
Calvin Guest 
J. Lloyd Woods
Kenneth and Viola Burg Scholarship
Thomas Whaley
Davidson Foundation
G.B. Holder
Marleta Chadwick
The Meadows Foundation

W.T. Tardy Gold Circle Members

Dr. Louise Ornelas
Anderson Foundation
Leroy and Merle Weir Charitable Trust 
The J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation
Ben Dean and Mary Dean Morris 
Wynonia Pallmeyer 
Clifford Nelson Murphy 
Fred M. Hale
Pilgrim's Pride Corporation
Welby Edwards
Vernon B. and Pat Lewis
Baptist General Convention of Texas 
Sodexo, Inc. 
Dr. D.M. Edwards

Legacy of 1912 Society 

The Legacy of 1912 Society comprises alumni and friends who, through thoughtful estate planning and other forms of planned giving, ensure that resources will be available to support ETBU far into the future.  The Legacy of 1912 Society is named in honor of the year the charter was signed establishing a Christian college in Marshall, Texas.  The impact of planned gifts, which includes wills, annuities, trusts, and insurance policies, on the University’s history and future is immeasurable.   

Members of the Legacy of 1912 Society are displayed on a donor recognition wall located in the foyer of the Rogers Spiritual Life Center.  Distinguished members of the Legacy of 1912 Society are also recognized at the annual Legacy of 1912 Society luncheon held on the ETBU campus.   

Legacy of 1912 Society Members

Dr. Franklin and Barbara Atkinson
Ben and Hilda Bane
Dr. James and Bobbie Best 
Dr. J. Blair and Michelle Blackburn 
Roye and Peggy Blackmon
William and Sara Blaydes
Bess Brumble
Dr. Scott and Natalie Bryant 
Kevin Caffey
Dr. Roger and Sandra Chapman
Lewis and Dolores Clark
George and Jamie Cole
Dr. and Mrs. Ben R. Condray
Margie Dawson
Dr. D.M. Edwards
Ryan and Kristy Erwin
Morris and Maggie Ferrell
Arthur Fineout 
Jeffrey and Brenda Ford
Ronald Forsythe
Lynn Fromm
Charles and Alice Fry
Elizabeth Gill
Annette Harrison
Dr. John and Alice Hatch 
William and Ruth Hoffman
Joe and Marilyn Hogue
Gladys Hudson
William and Barbara Huffman
Dr. Bob and Wanda Johnson
Rhea Lewis 
Olan and Annice Lewis
Donald and Olivia Lewis
Reggie McDonough
Robert and Amy McMichael
Mary Moring 
Dr. Gwin and Brenda Morris 
Sam and Kay Moseley 
Don and Norma Noah
Dr. J. Carl and Charm Norris
Dr. Louise Ornelas
Jay and Sandy Orr
Corbin Priefert 
Jacob and Kelli Richardson
Dr. Thomas Sanders
Larry and Charlotte Slone
Dr. Wilson and Dr. Cheryl Tatum
Dr. Scott and Doris Tatum
Jack and Margaret Unkel
Alton Vaughan
Tommy and Mary Lou Wardell
Elizabeth Watson
J. Steve and Vivian Weeks
Dr. David and Brenda White
Dr. Charles and JoAnn Whiteside
Nell Wilkerson
Kenneth Wright

Golden Blazers

Golden Blazer requirements include:

  • Must be a graduate of the University
  • Must have a cumulative giving of $10,000 or more ($15,000 for couples who are both alumni)
  • Must have fulfilled a volunteer service above and beyond monetary giving (includes being a Trustee, Class Agent, Volunteer, etc.)
Golden Blazer Recipients

2010 Golden Blazers

Amon Baker (‘51)                                Miekle Hoffman (‘50)

Joynelle Baker (‘53)                             Joe Hogue (‘56)

George Bennett (‘43)                           Gladys Hudson (‘47)

B.G. Bockman (‘49)                            Barbara Huffman (‘59)

Frank H. Brooks (‘55)                         Robert Hurtte (‘51)

Shirley Brooks (‘55)                             Sheila Hurtte (‘51)

Barbara Brunt (‘60)                              Charles Kennedy (‘68)

J. Frank Brunt (‘59)                             Rayford Lewis (‘64)

Pamela Coursey (‘83)                           Susan Livingston (‘64)

Mary Jean Craig (‘48)                           Joe Lovelace (‘42)

Catherine Crawford (‘74)                     Ethel Minyard (‘57)

Norma Jean Folmar (‘57)                    Glenda Nelson (‘60)

Mary Fortenberry (‘50)                        Earle Oldham (‘52)

Elizabeth Gill (‘49)                              Charles Slaten (‘50)

Lois Grammer (‘51)                             Doyle Taylor (‘61)

R. Gene Grammer (‘51)                       Earl Taylor (‘61)

Harlan Hall (‘54)                                 Margaret Unkel (‘54)

Gerald Hamilton (‘83)                         Helen Williamson (‘43)

L. Annette Harrison (‘51)

2011 Golden Blazers

Janelle Atkinson (‘59)                          Alicia Grohman (‘76)

Anita Everett (‘57)                              Tyrell Grohman (‘76)

Bill Everett (‘57)                                  James O. Rogers (‘52)

Charles Fry (‘50)                                  Jim Teague (‘68)

2012 Golden Blazers

Dane Fowlkes (’82)

Lucyann Hopkins (’67)

Paul Tapp (’69)

Carolyn Wilkinson (’67)

2013 Golden Blazers

Ned Calvert (’95)

Tim Cline (’90)

Major General (Ret.) Vernon B. Lewis (“49-52, ’12)

Katherine Moore-Spears (’77)

2014 Golden Blazers

Morris Brock (’54)

E. Leon Carter (’80)

Billy Foote (’60-65, ’09)

Jana Sims (’96)

Mike Templeton (’64)

2015 Golden Blazers

James Best (’55)

Robert Duvall (’63)

Bonnie Hester (’49)

Joe Jones (’52)

Dr. Ben Raimer (’69)

2016 Golden Blazers

Roger Chapman (’43)

John and Alice Hatch (’67, ’70)

Rutledge McClaran (’61)

Wallace Watkins (’63)

2017 Golden Blazers

Barry Hale (’83)

Francis (Eliand) Henderson (’46)

Dr. Tequecie Meek (’73)

Merrill Nelson (’84)

Jacob and Kelli (Pruitt) Richardson (’07,’09)

Dr. Rita (Storie) Turner (’48)

Cecil Winn (’61)

2018 Golden Blazers

Don Anthis (’67)

Dr. Hollie Atkinson (’59)

Vince and Susan (Brooks) Blankenship (’85,’85)

Dr. J. Brian and Paula (Markin) Nichols (’73, ’72)

Martha "Marty" (Hedgecock) Rich (’63)

Dr. Will and Ruthie (Meeks) Walker (’03, ’02)


2019 Golden Blazers

Dorothy Keasler (’58)

Denie Kendrick (’58)

Charles Peden ('55)

Ora Nell Peden ('54)

2021 Golden Blazers

Dr. Natalie (New) Hale ('91)

Kim Hooper ('88)

Gerald Stockton ('79)

Sharon Stockton ('79)

Larry Tidwell ('78)

2021 Honorary Golden Blazers

Jody (Justus) Anthis

Winky (Stark) Foote

Peggy Futch

2022 Golden Blazers

Linda Cliett ('62)

Sergio Ramos ('93)

Stacy Kauffman ('89)

Lorre Kauffman ('89)