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Financial Affairs Forms

Refund Policy

A student finding it necessary to withdraw from the university must officially withdraw through the Registrar's Office. This official withdrawal must be completed before the Business Office can give any consideration for a refund. The Business Office adheres to the refund guidelines established in the University catalog.

Failure to attend class or simply notifying an individual instructor or other University personnel of interest to withdraw is not regarded as an official withdrawal.

Refunds of credit balances on student accounts will be made only after financial aid has been posted and the account is paid in full.

Payment Policies

All accounts must be paid in full before a student will receive a diploma or a transcript, or be permitted to register for subsequent semester(s). In the event it becomes necessary to place a student account in the hands of an agency for collection, the student will be responsible for all collection costs, including legal fees. If there are any questions regarding financial arrangements, please call the Business Office. Receipts will be required for resolution of account discrepancies

Check Cashing

Personal checks of up to $15.00 per day may be cashed in the Business Office. A current student ID is required. A fee of $25.00 will be charged for all returned checks.