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About ETBU

Expectations of ETBU Students and University Community Code of Conduct

Expectations of ETBU Students

As a committed Christ-centered university which integrates biblical faith and academic learning, East Texas Baptist University expects its students to model Christian standards of conduct and language in fulfilling the institutional mission and core commitments of:

Embracing Faith - Ensure the integration of biblical faith in curricular and co-curricular experiences including opportunities while embracing our Baptist heritage.

Engaging Minds - Equip students through excellence in teaching, research, and scholarship to explore God's truth and provide the knowledge and skills for academic success, degree completion, employment opportunity, and lifelong learning.

Empowering Leaders - Develop and deploy Christian Servant Leaders for their callings to God and to humanity.

Enhancing Community - Create an environment conducive to the development of the whole person through relevant facilities, resources, and services which allows a diverse and growing community to utilize their God-given gifts both locally and globally.

ETBU emphasizes a biblical standard of personal conduct and moral character by all students. ETBU is committed to providing and maintaining an environment conducive to the integration of faith and learning, servant leadership development, and academic excellence. Applicants for admission to ETBU and enrolled students at ETBU are required to exhibit good Christian character. Applicants for admission and enrolled students must promise to act in accordance with these standards, the University Community Code of Conduct, and other policies, rules, and regulations as described in the ETBU Academic Catalog and the ETBU Student Handbook. The University, in maintaining the standards and ideals for which it stands, reserves the right to revoke admission, dismiss, and/or impose other disciplinary sanction on students, who falsify, misrepresent, or knowingly omit information on the application for admission, or who violate ETBU’s standards, policies, rules, and regulations.

Applicants accepted for admission and enrolled students of ETBU, pledge to adhere to all standards, policies, rules, and regulations of East Texas Baptist University.

University Community Code of Conduct

East Texas Baptist University expects the members of the University Community to:

  • Display Christ-like character and servant leadership.
  • Uphold and advance ETBU’s Christ-centered mission.
  • Abide by all ETBU standards, policies, rules, and regulations.
  • Submit to spiritual authority and institutional leadership.
  • Obey all federal, state, and local laws.
  • Show love and respect for all people.
  • Conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the principles of academic and ethical integrity.
  • Prepare for, attend, and participate in classes and learning activities.
  • Actively participate in church fellowship and serve the campus and local communities.
  • Accept the inherent responsibility to represent ETBU on and off campus.