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Tuition and Fees

Tuition Fees

* Although every effort is made to keep the latest information on this page, tuition and fees are subject to change without notification on the web site. For a complete listing of fees, please see the current academic catalog or contact the Business Office for more information.

Tuition and Fees 2018-2019
Plan Cost Notes
Undergraduate cost per semester (full time students) $12,645 per semester for full time students
Undergraduate (if enrolled in less than 12 hours) $843.00 per hour if enrolled in less than 12 hours
Dual Enrollment (MISD students) $50 per hour
Dual Enrollment (All other high school students $100 per hour
Master of Arts in Christian Ministry $710 per hour
Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling $710 per hour
Master of Arts in Religion $710 per hour
Master of Business Administration $710 per hour
Master of Education $710 per hour
Master of Science $710 per hour
Undergraduate General Student fee $540 per semester for full-time undergraduate students (12 or more hours enrolled)
Undergraduate General Student fee (less than 12 hours) $45 per hour for students taking less than 12 hours
Graduate Student Fee $150 per semester for graduate students enrolled in 6 or more hours
Graduate Student Fee (less than 6 hours) $75 per semester hour for graduate students enrolled in less than 6 hours
Tuition and Fees 2017-2018
2017-2018 Academic Year Semester Year
Tuition (Block) $12,645 $25,290
Centennial Hall* $2,288 $4,576
University Apartments $2,392 $4,784
Mabee & Ornelas Halls $2,288 $4,576
Fry & Linebery Halls* $2,080 $4,160
University Park Row Houses (6 person unit) $2,425 $4,850
Summer (June & July) $485/mo.
University Park Row Houses ( 2 person unit) $2,500 $5,000
Summer (June & July) $500/mo.
Full Meal Plan* $2,080 $4,160
14 Meal Plan* $1,900 $3,800
10 Meal Plan $1,835 $3,670
5 Meal Plan $1,600 $3,200
Fees (General, Laundry & Parking) $715 $1,430