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Play Audition FAQs


Play Audition FAQs

What do I bring to an audition?

Please bring a schedule of conflicts for all rehearsal and performance dates.  We do not need a headshot nor a resume for our university auditions.

What do I wear to an audition?

Please dress as the audition requires.  Professional dress is the default; however, some auditions will require movement and appropriate casual/athletic attire is acceptable for those auditions.  

When do I arrive for the audition?

Please arrive at least 15-30 minutes prior to the schedule time so that you can complete the required paperwork.

What will I do in the audition?

This will depend on the play's specific needs.  Most of the time our auditions involve cold readings from the script through provided sides (short scenes).  Other times you may be asked to sing, dance, or improvise.  Each individual audition announcement will explain the details.

What if I cannot make the scheduled audition time?

Please contact the Department Chair and see if an alternative audition time can be arranged.