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Department of Mathematics


The Department of Mathematics offers programs of study with a major or minor in mathematical sciences, and a major or minor for secondary-level teacher certification in mathematics. An integrated major/minor in interdisciplinary studies/mathematics for EC-Grade 8 teacher certification is also offered. The department serves other academic disciplines by providing the mathematical skills needed in those areas.

For students taking mathematics courses, the department is committed to teaching the fundamental skills and techniques of mathematics, developing mathematics as a mode of thought, and encouraging attitudes, habits, and ideals inherent in the study of mathematics, including the desire to pursue further study.

Students completing a baccalaureate program in mathematics should:

  • Compare favorably in their knowledge of undergraduate mathematics with those students completing a similar program nationally or statewide

  • Demonstrate adequate mathematical reasoning skills appropriate to students at this level.

The mathematics major, in accordance with a recommendation of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), has been designed to reflect a more applied orientation demanded for today's career opportunities. To provide this more versatile curriculum, the major is designated as "mathematical sciences." The mathematical sciences major's course requirements are based upon an extensive study and report made by the MAA and should provide excellent preparation for industrial positions, graduate study in mathematics or computer science, and a variety of other career options.

The Department of Mathematics provides financial assistance in the form of four-year scholarships to students who desire to major in mathematics or mathematics education. Upon enrollment at ETBU, the student must declare a major in mathematics on the B.S. or a major in secondary mathematics education on the B.S.E. 

Contact Information

Dr. Robin Rudd
Associate Professor
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Dr. Kevin Reeves
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Dr. Melissa Reeves
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Teresa Salazar
Assistant Professor
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