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Department of Teacher Education

Admission to the Teacher Education Program of the University is by application to the Dean of the School of Education during the semester in which the student is enrolled in EDUC 3302.

Students who plan to make application for admission to the Teacher Education Program are encouraged to obtain a copy of the admission policy and standards for admission as early as possible to avoid delays in the admission process. Transfer and post-graduate students must satisfy all admission requirements.

NOTE: A transfer student/candidate who has completed a designated certification track in a specific subject area cannot be admitted to our program for the same certification track.

Our Advisory Committee or Teacher Education Council may prescribe additional screening procedures to evaluate the emotional stability and /or communication effectiveness of an applicant. A negative TB test is required before field experiences are scheduled, as is a satisfactory criminal history check - both initially and before clinical teaching.

Find more about what to expect on the Teacher Education Requirements page.

What sets us apart?

Focused on exposure to real-life classrooms, our Teacher Education professors will share with you their wealth of personal and practical classroom experiences, as well as their proven teaching techniques - all while keeping you abreast of current "best teaching practices" and effective classroom technologies.  You will leave our program equipped with the knowledge and skills to become a highly effective teacher making a difference in the lives of young people. 

Our Teacher Education graduates are considered premium teacher candidates, being highly regarded and sought after among school districts throughout Texas for their competency and caliber of training from our program.

Why will you feel valued here?

Because we know the importance and value of each and every one of our students, we strive to make sure each one will receive the benefits of individualized responses to needs, small classroom sizes, complete accessibility, and the opportunity for establishing a professional working relationship with your professors to help foster success during your college years at East Texas Baptist University and well beyond.

What exactly do we provide?
  • Extremely warm and helpful environment in which to learn and grow
  • Comprehensive curriculum complete with the latest tools in technology usage
  • Strong academic foundation in all areas
  • Many choices for your major and minor
  • Extraordinary amount of field-based exposure in area school
  • Solid grounding in ethical and professional teaching practices
  • Quality preparation and support for Texas teacher certification success
  • Complete guidance throughout your clinical teaching semester to apply the knowledge and skills necessary to improve performance of the diverse student population of this state
  • Samples of Technology Integration activities designed to prepare teachers to use technology effectively
  • Assistance with job placement referrals during your final semester, and following graduation
  • Additional support your first year as a classroom teacher
Contact Information

Dr. Amber Daub
Dean, School of Education
Professor, Teacher Education
903.923.2273  |

Dr. PJ Winters
Director, Master of Education Program
Associate Professor
903.923.2276  |

Dr. Lara Cavin
Assistant Professor
903.923.2274  |

Dr. Karen Gentsch
Professor, Teacher Education
903.923.2278  |

Danyelle Meyer
Administrative Secretary, School of Education
903.923.2277  |

School of Education
903.923.2277  |

For issues or complaints about this educator preparation program, email, complaints, or mail to Correspondence Management, Texas Education Agency, 1701 N. Congress, Austin, TX 78701.