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EPP Required Background Check Communication

Per Texas Administrative Code 227.101, all applicants must successfully complete a preliminary criminal background check in order to be admitted to the School of Education. Once admitted, all candidates/enrollees must successfully complete a second criminal background check. 

All applicants and candidates/enrollees are to be informed of the following per Texas Administrative Code 227.101:

  1.  The potential ineligibility of an individual who has been convicted of an offense for issuance of a certification on completion of the EPP; 
  2. The current SBEC rules prescribed in 249.16 of this title; and 
  3. The right to request a criminal history evaluation letter as provided in Chapter 227, Subchapter B (relating to the Preliminary Evaluation of Certification Eligibility.) & 

All applicants and candidates are notified of these requirements prior to initial admission and during the process for application to clinical teach and/or conduct field-based experiences.  

Notification is also included annually in ETBU’s Academic Calendar.

Failure of the School of Education to notify any applicant or candidate/enrollee may result in the following as determined by the State Board of Education:

  1. Refund the amount of any tuition paid by the individual to the EPP; and
  2. Pay to the individual an amount equal to the total of the following, as applicable: 
    1. The amount of any application fees paid by the individual to the SBEC; and
    2. The amount of any examination fees paid by the individual to the SBED and/or to a provider of examinations required for certification. The EPP is not liable for examination fees if the examination was not required to be passed in order to meet the admission requirements of the EPP and/or the EPP did not provide test approval for the examination.