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Fred Hale School of Business

The ETBU School of Business exists to educate and prepare students aspiring to careers in the field of business and nonprofit organizations as well as encouraging Christian values and principles that will aid them in becoming not only better in their careers, but also in their faith. Upon completion of the program, students will be knowledgeable and proficient in core business subjects, primed for employment or further academic endeavors in business, and able to incorporate the values of Christian faith in their careers and lives. The School of Business offers a Bachelor of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science, and a Bachelor of Applied Science with minors in Accounting, Business Administration, Management, Marketing, Management Information Systems and Economics and Finance.

Contact Information

Dr. Barry Evans
Dean, Fred Hale School of Business
Professor of Business Administration
903.923.2147 |

Dr. Bill Mills
Professor, Computer Science
903.923.2146 |

Dr. Brandon Renfro
Assistant Professor, Finance
903.923.2151 |

Dr. Anthony Sawyer
Assistant Professor, Economics
903.923.2153 |

Mr. Mitchell Korolewicz
Assistant Professor, Marketing
903.923.2150 |

Melisa Murphrey
Administrative Secretary to the Dean
903.923.2148 |