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Advisory Board

Roles and Responsibilities

Committee members are given opportunity for input and information related to the design, delivery, evaluation, and major policy decisions of our Teacher Education Program.


Our Advisory Board, which we call our "University Connection Committee," serves to collaboratively benefit our EPP by providing others' views and ideas from outside our educator preparation program by their sharing of needs of schools and school districts.

Membership of our Advisory Committee

Our sixteen member committee consists of Community members, Business members, other University leaders, ETBU faculty member, Region Vll Service Center personnel, Principals in our public schools and a University Supervisor.

Advisory Board Meeting Format

Below are the specific areas that we seek input from our Advisory Board (University Connection Committee) in luncheon meetings that we host on our East Texas Baptist University campus at least two times during each school year. Each committee member is provided an Advisory Notebook and meeting agendas to prepare and educate them on items for input.

Design: General operation = admissions, faculty, instruction, curriculum, program hours, assessment of skills/knowledge via curriculum.

Delivery: Matters concerning curriculum, program hours, 30 hours field based experience, clinical teaching, internship, practicum, cooperating teacher/mentor training and field based supervision.

Evaluation (Two areas): Benchmarking candidates through program at specific points including, testing /degree/ transcripts check

  1. Evaluation of program: how often evaluated, data accumulated to evaluate our program and how reporting to stakeholders is handled.
  2. Policydecisions on major changes in program operation - candidate issues, coursework, online vs face to face.

Below is a link shared with our Advisory Board that the Public has access to regarding other facets of our Teacher Ed Program on the Texas Education Agency - Consumer Page.