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Principal Certification

In addition to obtaining a master’s degree, students pursuing the Educational Leadership Specialization will be able to take the Principal as Instructional Leader (268)  certification exam upon meeting “readiness to test” requirements set by the School of Education. 

For the master’s degree, students must complete 30 credit hours. Of these courses, 12 will be foundational hours in education. The remaining eighteen (18) hours will be based upon the student’s selected specialization area.

Instruction for the courses in the curriculum for the Master of Education are web-supported with course content delivered in a face-to-face seminar setting. Web support consists of posting contents area lectures, review of literature in the discipline, and external links to support material. Discussion boards, electronic submission of assignments, and communication tools for live, virtual discussions will also be utilized. Students attend on-campus.

Principal and superintendent candidates will complete two practicum placements, each lasting one semester in a regional PK-12 partnership school. Site supervisors from the assigned campus will work closely with Field Supervisors and under the supervision of the Certification Officer and Field-based Experience Supervisor to ensure adherence to all TEA rules and regulations.

Students in the Educational Leadership Specialization will take one research course that will culminate in an action research project during the second course of their practicum experience.

For a complete list of courses, see the University Academic Catalog.

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Exit Policy

Reasons a candidate will be withdrawn from the ETBU educator preparation program (EPP) are as follows: 

  • A candidate who chooses to withdraw from the EPP must notify the certification officer by stating their intentions by written letter or ETBU Tigermail.  A copy of the notification will be placed in the candidate’s department file. 
  • If a candidate chooses to enroll in a different EPP, the receiving program will need to request a TEA Candidate Transform Form to be completed by the ETBU certification officer.  At that time, the certification officer will be required to inform the receiving program if the candidate was in good standing. 
  • If a candidate is not meeting the requirements of the EPP (e.g., disciplinary reasons and/or academics), the candidate will begin the Departmental Student/Candidate Review Process.  Upon completion of the process, the EPP will determine whether the candidate will be required to withdraw or continue in the program. 
  • If a candidate is inactive and fails to communicate with EPP and/or advisor for one semester, the candidate will not be able to return to the EPP and TEA will be notified. 
  • If a candidate is not successful in passing 50% of their required certification exams by the written deadline, they will be automatically withdrawn from the EPP.