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Biology Scholarship Opportunities

Biology Scholarship Opportunities

The Biology program provides curricula designed to prepare students for careers in public education, government, or industry. No matter what career goals one has in these fields, ETBU has a program to meet the student's needs. We are excited to be able to offer financial assistance in the form of four-year scholarships to students who desire to major in biology and who have earned at least a B average in high school.

Application Requirements

To apply for a scholarship, send your complete application package by April 1 to The application package should contain the following:

  • The application form
  • Copies of all high school and college (if any) transcripts
  • A letter about you and why you desire to pursue a degree in your chosen subject area
  • Two recommendation forms and letters. At least one of the references should be from a teacher in your chosen subject area
  • Copies of official paperwork with ACT/SAT scores
  • A copy of some piece of work in your chosen subject area. This work could be an exam, a paper, or anything else that would demonstrate your knowledge in the subject area.