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Proof Seekers Math Club and Career Information


The purpose of the Proof Seekers Math Club is to promote knowledge and research in the field of mathematics and to encourage unity among mathematics majors, minors and members of the mathematics faculty.

Membership is open to mathematics majors and minors who maintain a 3.0 GPA in their major and 2.75 GPA overall. Members must attend 75% of all meetings and pay dues. Meetings are held once a month on Monday evenings.

The club celebrates Pi day every year and has chosen various ways of doing this, including a Pie Bake-Off, a Pie-in-the-Face fundraiser, and Moon-Pie give away.

The club has enjoyed speakers on various topics in mathematics, graduate schools, and careers in mathematics. Meetings have also included mathematical scavenger hunts, Sudoku tournaments, games, and Thanksgiving and Valentines parties. The club has at least one service project each year which have included Valentine cards for hospitalized children, canned food drives, and Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

2017 Awards

 Poster Winners:

MATH 2316 Data Analysis Poster -

  • Brooks Lloyd
  • Chantyl Wright
  • Jordan Burke
  • Olivia Michael Smith

MATH 4303 Probability & Statistics -

  • Hunter Book
  • Brianna Gwinn
2014 Awards

First Year Calculus Award 

Lexi Wood and Nicholas Wright

Outstanding Senior Mathematics Major

Madison Cockrill

2013 Awards
  • Scholarship Recipients
  • Jose Esparza - Mosher Scholarship
  • Megan Dulude - Newman Scholarship
  • Cathy Reints - Newman Scholarship
  • Briana Wiese - Newman Scholarship and Mosher Scholarship
  • Evan Simpson - Newman Scholarship
  • Wesley Johnston - Newman Scholarship
  • John Derr Newman Scholarship
  • Joshua Closs - Outstanding Senior Mathematics Major
  • Molly Woodruff - Newman Scholarship and First Year Calculus Award
  • Jonathan Spencer Hill - Newman Scholarship 

Math 2316 Data Analysis Posters

  • Mallory Westbrook
  • Darmon Bradley
  • Tiana Ballard
  • Joseph Meadows

Math 4303 Probability & Statistics Posters

  • Megan Dulude
  • Cathy Reints

A degree in mathematics can open the door to a wide range of career opportunities.  While most mathematics students seek careers that require them to directly apply their knowledge of mathematics on a daily basis, many others find success in careers that make use of the general problem-solving and logic skills acquired during the study of mathematics.

Career Opportunities

An excellent resource for mathematical careers is Andrew Serrett's 101 Careers in Mathematics, published by the Mathematical Association of America. This book contains interviews with over one hundred people who have studied mathematics and are now working in a wide variety of areas, including:

  • Well-known companies such as IBM, FedEx, and L.L. Bean
  • Government agencies such as the Bureau of the Census and NASA
  • Legal and medical professions
  • The field of education at elementary, secondary, and university levels
  • Insurance companies as actuaries
  • Artistic fields such as sculpture and music