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Thrive Peer Mentor FAQs

What’s expected of me?

Attend LEAD3101 every other week; meet with your mentee on the weeks you don't attend LEAD3101. 

Is there paperwork involved?

Each time you meet with your mentee, you will complete a short form.

Will I be trained?

Yes, there will be a one-day training before school begins and you will receive additional training each time you attend LEAD3101. 

What about service hours?

By serving as a peer mentor, you will fulfill your service-hour requirement for the Fall 2021 semester.   

How will we be matched?

Both the peer mentor and mentee will complete an interest survey. Results from the survey will be used to match the peer-mentor with their mentee. 

Where will we meet?

It’s your choice – we just ask that you meet in a public place.

What will we talk about?

We have created a Thrive Playbook that both the peer-mentor and mentee will be able to access. These “plays” are designed to guide your conversations. 

What’s the time commitment?

  • We ask that you with your mentee for15-20 minutes meet every other week during the fall semester. 
  • LEAD3101 meets once every other week for 50 minutes during the fall semester.