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Every ETBU student who receives institutional aid is required to serve 12 hours per semester with a community partner.  Students in some classes may have additional or more specific requirements.

Sign ups for Marshall ISD will close after January 31.

ETBU Serves FAQs

How can I check to see how many hours I've served?

Log into your Time Station by visiting

What's my Time Station password?

The first time you log in to Time Station, you'll use the 'forgot password' link. You can then reset your password to a password of your choice using the link that will be sent to your Tigermail account.

How do I know where to serve?

If you are in a Learning and Leading section in the fall semester, you must serve in Marshall ISD. You will serve in this school during your freshmen year (fall and spring semester). If you are not in Learning and Leading, you can serve in MISD or with a local community partner.