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Course Resources for Online Courses

Infobase Learning Cloud

This resource has thousands of tutorials for students.

This was purchased primarily for just-in-time technology training for students.  It has resources and tutorials on all the latest educational and productivity technology including the Canvas Learning System.

Here are just some of the resources:

College Life and Workload

Successful Time Management
How Involved Should I Be in Campus Life?
How Do I Prepare for a College Workload?
How Do I Become a Better Test Taker?
How Do I Become a Better Note Taker?
Overcoming Test Anxiety
Keeping Myself Emotionally Healthy
Where Do I Go for Academic Support?
Living with Depression
How Do I Keep My Devices Safe?
Being Savvy Online
Information Security Best Practices

Canvas Training

Student Training

Writing Papers and Research

Grammar 101
Planning a Paper
Research Paper Basics: 
    MLA, APA, and Chicago Style
Cornell Notes
Avoiding Plagiarism
What Makes a Good Researcher?
How Do I Become a More Effective Writer?

Technology and Devices

Microsoft Office
Google Docs
Adobe Creative Suite
Windows Operating Systems
Mac Operating Systems
Building Web Pages

Career Readiness

Communication Tune Up
Effective Listening
What Are Strategies for Working in a Group?
Decision Making
Critical Thinking
Finding Job Openings
Best Practices for Creating a Resume
Writing a Winning Cover Letter
Preparing for an Interview
Landing the Job: Interview Techniques
What to Consider When Accepting a Job? 
Effective Meetings
Goal Setting 
Customer Service Skills 
Persuasion & Negotiation

Your instructor may embed information from Atomic Learning in your Canvas Course.

As a student you can also login at and use your etbu email and password.


MS Excel

Here are some tutorials on basic functions of Microsoft Excel 2013:

Here is a free course on Microsoft Office:

Here is information on doing statistics in Microsoft Excel 2013:
Statistics help

Here is a brief video: (Links to an external site.)

Voiceover PowerPoints

You may be asked to do a voiceover PowerPoint presentation. This is one way your instructor can assess content as well as presentation skills.

Here are some written instructions on how to do this in PowerPoint 2013-2019

Here is a video link that shows you how to do this as well:

Here is a tutorial for Voiceover PPTs for Office 365.

If your instructor requires you to upload your video to YouTube and provide him/her a link, be sure that you have saved this voiceover in one of the accepted formats instead of .ppt (which YouTube will not accept).  If you forget and save the presentation as a .ppt it can be converted; however, this is time consuming.

The format types supported on YouTube are:
• .MOV
• .MPEG4
• MP4
• .AVI
• .WMV
• .FLV
• 3GPP
• WebM

Video Creation

Video Creation

Here is a good article about some things you should think about before you make a video for class:

Uploading Video from a Cell Phone to YouTube

Directions for various types of devices can be found here:

Web Cam Video

If you want to create video using a webcam there are several free programs you can use.  The links below take you to some of these programs. These sites have directions on how to use the software.

YouTube Web Cam Capture

Directions to create your video directly on YouTube are below:

Screen Pal (formerly Screencase-O-Matic

Debut Video

Here is a video on how to use it:
These are just examples.  You can use the program of your choice.  Just be sure that your video is a format that is accepted on YouTube. These are the only formats accepted on YouTube:
• OV
• .MPEG4
• MP4
• .AVI
• .WMV
• .FLV
• 3GPP
• WebM

Other formats (such as saving a Voiceover PowerPoint in PPT) require you to convert the video to a format that is acceptable on YouTube. This is time-consuming so it is better to save it with the proper file type the first time.

After you have created your video, you will need to upload it to YouTube--see directions here (Links to an external site.):

Synchronous Meeting Programs

There is a synchronous meeting program in each course within Canvas under “Conference.”  Canvas uses the program Big Blue Button and your instructor can record these sessions.

Your instructor may require you to use an alternate program for any synchronous meetings.  Here are some directions on how to use some other programs of this type.


Here is some information on how to download and use it.
Here are some video tutorials:


This can be used to share computer screens and has audio capability:


Zoom basic is free. You can sign up here:

Here is a group of videos that outline how to use Zoom.

Google Meet

You have to have a Google account to use this free service.  It is located in the dotted square on the right side of the screen next to your image.  Click on this and look for Google Meet.  Here is a tutorial