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Alumni Spotlight Dr. Karen Rambo-Hernandez ('97)

Alumni Spotlight Dr. Karen Rambo-Hernandez ('97)

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Dr. Karen Rambo-Hernandez

Dr. Karen Rambo-Hernandez graduated from ETBU in 1997 with her Bachelor’s in Education, specifically focusing on Mathematics. After graduating she became a math teacher- a career that she loved! After teaching for 10 years she decided to pursue her PhD at the University of Connecticut, where she met her husband.


Dr. Hernandez served on the Baptist Student Ministry Executive Council while attending ETBU. She shares, “Serving challenged me to make my relationship with Jesus Christ personal, deep, and my own while providing a proverbial sandbox to build my leadership skills.” She was also part of the Honors Program where she was able to learn how to ask and answer hard questions. Hernandez says, “ETBU solidified my desire to serve others.” Hernandez was drawn to ETBU because of the community that can easily be found among students as well as with faculty and staff.


When reflecting on her time on the Hill Dr. Hernandez says, “Personal, intellectual, and spiritual growth. ETBU was a safe place to try new things. I was an education major (with a mathematics emphasis), but I was able to participate in theatre. I have such warm memories of the auditions, rehearsals, and performances. Honestly, I think a part of my success as an educator is due to learning to be comfortable on stage.”


Dr. Hernandez is now an Associate Professor at Texas A&M University. She explains “Now an educational statistician, my research focuses on access for all students— particularly high achieving and underrepresented students— to high-quality education and the assessment of educational interventions to improve STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education.”