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Alumni Spotlight Dr. Kemi Fadayomi (’80)

Alumni Spotlight Dr. Kemi Fadayomi (’80)

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Dr. Kemi Fadayomi (’80) graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry from ETBU.

“Reflecting on my time on the Hill, I remember the beautiful campus, the chapel services, and the contemplative spaces they provided. I also remember the support of my professors, staff, fellow students, and the church community. This support, in different ways and times, helped me overcome the challenges of my new home and allowed me to learn and grow academically and spiritually and become the person I am today.”

 “There were several faculty and staff who had a lasting impact on me. In particular, I was very fortunate to have Dr. Shirley Handler, an incredible mentor who helped me to navigate a new educational system, as well as a new environment and culture. Dr. Handler supported my goals of pursuing a Ph.D., ultimately leading me to my chosen career as a professor. I have shared her lasting impact on my career at many speaking engagements.”

After her time on the Hill, Kemi went on to earn a Master of Science in Biology/Microbiology and eventually a PhD in Biology/Immunology. This led to a successful career in higher education. The lessons and skills she learned at ETBU set her up to become not only successful in her career but also a leader in her field.

“My time at ETBU prepared me for my career as a professor in many ways. Academically, I learned how to think critically, developed an in-depth understanding of biology and the scientific process, and a passion for learning that I was able to share with my students. Additionally, I gained exposure to new ideas that expanded my thinking in many ways, including how to work collaboratively and communicate effectively, some of the skills valuable for my graduate studies and chosen career. Spiritually, the Christ-centered learning environment grounded my faith-informed perspective that has continued to shape my view and guide my decision-making professionally and personally. Overall, my time on the Hill was transformative and rewarding.”