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Alumni Spotlight Bonnie (Bender) Collins (’02)

Alumni Spotlight Bonnie (Bender) Collins (’02)

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Bonnie (Bender) Collins ('02) owns and serves as a broker for Bonnie Collins Group: Homes, Ranch, Land in Tomball, Texas.

“I came to the Hill looking for real people who loved Jesus and that’s what I found there.”

Initially enrolled in a larger university, Bonnie transferred to ETBU her junior year.

I was struggling to make friends and find my place at a large university. I had attended Super Summer at ETBU for four years in high school. The Lord put it on my heart to transfer to ETBU even though I did not want to attend a small university. I knew I had to obey Him, so I transferred.”

With a leap of faith, she transferred to ETBU during her junior year. The campus soon became a place where she could cultivate many Godly friendships.

“I made real and genuine friendships at ETBU. Through the faculty, staff, and students, I learned how Jesus loves people. I came to the Hill looking for real people who loved Jesus, and that’s what I found there.”

Bonnie met her husband, Brandon, during the first fall semester that she spent at ETBU. Since then, she has found herself surrounded by other Tiger alumni, whether that is through familial ties or in her church community.

“One of the real estate agents on my team is an ETBU alum. My husband is on staff at our church with another ETBU alum. One of my closest friends, whom I met at church, is married to an ETBU graduate. I am surrounded by people who love ETBU.”