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Enrollment Verification

Current Students:

You may obtain an official Enrollment Verification Certificate, free of charge, via the Clearinghouse website:

  1. Login to your CampusConnect account.
  2. Choose the "Student Information" pull-down screen.
  3. Select the last item on the menu, "NSC Degree Verification".

This Enrollment Verification Certificate can be presented to health insurance agencies, housing authorities, consumer product companies, banks, etc., when asked to provide evidence of enrollment at ETBU.

Please note that in some cases of enrollment in a graduate program, the student status will show incorrectly. See instructions on the right for how to request a formal "Enrollment Verification Letter".

Current or Former Students:

For a formal "Enrollment Verification Letter", please submit a form in our office or send an email to with the following information:

  • *Full Name
  • *Last Four Digits of Social Security Number
  • *Hours enrolled
  • *Term/Semester(s) for verification
  • *Any additional information (i.e. reference/account number)
  • *Recipient's name and address

Please note:
To fulfill requests by a parent, a privacy release must be on file.
Requests from a third-party must include a signed Third-Party Release Agreement.