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September 16 | 6:00 p.m. | Baker Chapel, Rogers Spiritual Life Center

Miss ETBU is one of ETBU’s oldest and most cherished traditions. Miss ETBU represents the University both on campus and in the community and is selected by a panel of judges based on her Christian character, poise, and scholarship.  We have restructured the process this year to make it accessible for more ETBU ladies to participate, including those who work in the evenings as well as our student athletes. 

Miss ETBU receives a generous academic scholarship as well as the opportunity to represent the University throughout the community and region.

Meet the Contestants

Guidelines for Miss ETBU

Listed below are the guidelines that pertain to qualifications, tenure, and disqualification of contestants or Miss ETBU. As an applicant, read the guidelines carefully.

I. Qualifications
A.   A contestant must not presently be serving as Miss ETBU.
B.   Contestants must a female, undergraduate, ETBU student who has completed a minimum of twenty-four semester hours and must have completed one year at ETBU prior to the fall pageant. 
C.   Contestants must indicate their intention of attending ETBU for at least one year following the Miss ETBU selection and of graduating from ETBU. The contestant should disqualify herself if anything would prevent her from fulfilling her duties as Miss ETBU.
D.   Contestants must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.75 and must be in good standing with the university.
E.   Contestants should possess qualities of Christian character consistent with the ideals and purposes of the university.
F.   Contestants should live a life exhibiting high moral standards and a healthy lifestyle.  As a representative of the University, Miss ETBU will strictly adhere to University policies regarding use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs.
G.  Contestants should be single, never married, and not have children.

II. Tenure and Duties
A.   Miss ETBU shall serve for one year from the time of her selection to the following year’s selection.
B.   Miss ETBU shall represent the students and the university at various campus events and official functions when called upon (e.g. Tiger Day, Family Weekend, Homecoming, recruitment work, off-campus public relations events, etc.).
C.   Miss ETBU shall be expected to participate in parades (Fire Ant Festival, Marshall Christmas Parade, etc.) and be able to perform or speak at the request of ETBU faculty and staff (Lion’s Club, Rotary Club, etc.)
D.   Miss ETBU shall be expected to check in with the Marketing Department every two weeks to coordinate schedules and calendar.
E.   Miss ETBU shall be expected to be present at the following year’s selection to present her title to her successor.

III. Disqualification
A.   Disciplinary probation or disciplinary suspension shall result in forfeiture of the title.
B.   Academic probation or suspension shall result in forfeiture of the title.
C.   Leaving school for reasons other than health or graduation shall result in forfeiture of the title.
D.   Unavailability for service as Miss ETBU through factors listed will result in forfeiture of the title.
E.   Student Engagement will decide when the above conditions are applicable.

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