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Miss ETBU is one of ETBU’s oldest and most cherished traditions. Miss ETBU represents the University both on campus and in the community and is selected by a panel of judges based on her Christian character, poise, and scholarship. Miss ETBU receives a generous academic scholarship as well as the opportunity to represent the University throughout the community and region.

Miss ETBU 2022 will take place on Saturday, September 24, at 7:00 p.m. in Baker Chapel in the Rogers Spiritual Life Center. 

Miss ETBU 2022 Program
Welcome – Master of Ceremonies Reid Adams and Katee McKnight
Opening Dance – All Contestants
Introductions - Reid Adams and Katee McKnight
Contestant Introductions and Formal Wear
Top Five Announced
Passion Speeches by Top Five
Tribute to Miss ETBU 2021
Announce Audience Favorite & Best Talent
Crowning of Miss ETBU 2022

Contestant Bios

Avery Abshier
Avery Abshier

Major: Ministry - Missions
Hometown: Kerrville
I want to be Miss ETBU because... I am grateful for the opportunity of being selected for the running, and I would want to steward the opportunity and position of Miss ETBU in a way that remains true to myself and the heart behind this title. I would love the opportunity, Miss. ETBU provides getting to know people and sharing life with people in such a way that demonstrates biblical servanthood authentic faith, and the joyful oasis of college life. These are characteristics I strive for every day aside from this title’s honor, yet the positional platform of Miss. ETBU would be an honor to humbly steward that influence.
Favorite ETBU Faculty Staff: Each professor on campus, and specifically within the ministry department, has blessed my socks off in unique ways. However, I walk away from Dr. Baird’s classes reacquainted with the challenging and joyful realities of my calling to ministry! He reminds me of the bigger picture which frames college as a stepping stone amidst a lifelong journey of learning and ministry. I have loved sitting under his teaching and leadership in the classroom and getting to know him and his wife around campus! Dr. Baird’s passion for ministry and his students has met me where I am, helped foster connection amidst the students in the department, and grown my faith and life far beyond a classroom level. 
Favorite ETBU Event(s): Connexus
Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream

Haleigh Akin
Haleigh Akin

Major: Early Childhood Education
Hometown: Tyler
I want to be Miss ETBU because... I am entering myself into the running for Miss ETBU because I care deeply for this school and for the students who go here. I have been very involved here on campus during the past three years and have been blessed to see the growth of many believers in various areas of ETBU’s student body. I believe ETBU is a Christ-centered campus with wonderful opportunities for the advancement of the kingdom and I am blessed to be a part of it. If I were to become Miss ETBU my primary goals would be to present myself well but also to seek out relationships with the members of this community and show kindness and dependability to all.
Favorite ETBU Faculty Staff: Laura Coursey, because of the way she has mentored me and helped me strengthen and develop my leadership abilities. Also, Joy Tama for pouring life into me to pour into others. These two women both have grown me so much during my time at ETBU. 
Favorite ETBU Event(s): Western Dance or any event where we get to dance and sing together as a community
Favorite Dessert: James Brown Funky JackHammer from Andy's Frozen Custard

Jael Davis

Major: Music Education
Hometown: Houston
I want to be Miss ETBU because... In the last few years, I’ve been able to experience so many different aspects of campus life here on the Hill both spiritually and socially. I’ve enjoyed being able to immerse myself in the ETBU community as well as the mission of the university. If selected as Miss ETBU, I’d be honored to represent our university by sharing my experiences, knowledge, and passion of the ETBU to students, donors, and our community.
Favorite ETBU Faculty Staff: Mrs. Cathy DeRousse is the kindest lady and one of the reasons why I decided to enroll at ETBU. You can see her desire to be like Christ in everything she does, and it is truly inspiring. 
Favorite ETBU Event(s): Java Jam
Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake

Brittney Denton
Brittney Denton

Major: Nursing
Hometown: Livingston
I want to be Miss ETBU because... ETBU has helped me find my calling, and what God has placed on my heart. In my time here, I want to be able to serve communities and people, and use this new experience as a way to bring God glory, and share His Word, and the love I have for ETBU.
Favorite ETBU Faculty Staff: Dr. Hodges, because he has always been so encouraging, and he is a light to others by his personality. He shares the gospel where ever he goes, and he asks if we have any prayer requests and prays over his students. Every time, I tear up because I think of how special he is, and how he is an amazing professor! 
Favorite ETBU Event(s): Connexus
Favorite Dessert: Red velvet cake with vanilla ice cream

Hannah Hobson
Hannah Hobson

Major: Worship Studies
Hometown: Shreveport, LA
I want to be Miss ETBU because... ETBU has been a true blessing in my life, allowing me to grow and learn in a place that encourages compassion, conviction, and conversation about Christ and callings. During my time in college so far, I have learned much about myself and am grateful for opportunities to learn from other students and faculty. Miss ETBU, I feel, presents an opportunity to reflect all that ETBU stands for both at a public level and at an individual one, and I pray that it also serves as an opportunity to reflect all that I have learned and will learn about that which matters most to me — faithfulness to God in a broken world. I am humbled to be a part of any experience that involves serving my campus and my community.
Favorite ETBU Faculty Staff: I have been blessed by so many ETBU faculty members, but one I would like to highlight is Mrs. Cathy DeRousse! Mrs. DeRousse has been my piano lesson instructor, my accompanist for oboe performances, and a mentor since I came to ETBU. She has encouraged me to grow both musically and spiritually by challenging me, sharing wisdom with me, and praying for me on both good days and not-so-good ones. I am so thankful to be in a Christ-centered environment surrounded by wonderful faculty! 
Favorite ETBU Event(s): Small Business Saturday
Favorite Dessert: Cookies n’ Cream Ice Cream

Abigail Jones
Abigail Jones

Major: Worship Studies
Hometown: Van
I want to be Miss ETBU because... I want to demonstrate that ministry should reach beyond the church walls. As Miss ETBU, I will represent students and my campus, while also representing our King in the process! I want to spread the Gospel wherever I go and be a light for Christ that shines to all I come in contact with. There would be no greater reward than to represent the college that has furthered my walk with Jesus and prepared me for a lifetime of ministry.
Favorite ETBU Faculty Staff: Chris Smith. He won’t lie to make you feel better about yourself. He genuinely wants you to improve in all skills, as well as character to represent Christ more efficiently. He is patient and gets to know each student to better communicate with them and their style of learning. 
Favorite ETBU Event(s): Bingo
Favorite Dessert: Crumbl Cookies

Tiffany Merino
Tiffany Merino

Major: Biology
Hometown: Lufkin
I want to be Miss ETBU because... I have always loved how Jesus served and loved people and spoke with love and life. Being Miss ETBU gives a person an opportunity to demonstrate how to Christ servant-leader for fellow peers and the community around us. This would be my reason along with room for growth in Christ and learning what I can do to serve and contribute to ETBU and the community.
Favorite ETBU Faculty Staff: Dr. Ladine, because having him as a professor made me realize to put more effort in my work than my work before. I greatly appreciate that he wants the best for his student's success and is willing to help with anything. 
Favorite ETBU Event(s): Java Jam
Favorite Dessert: Macaroon

Ashly Quintanilla
Ashly Quintanilla

Major: Christian Ministry/ English
Hometown: Longview
I want to be Miss ETBU because... Many believe that Miss ETBU is about being a well-known face of ETBU, but the role is actually to be in the hands of ETBU. It is not about being seen but rather being service minded. This is the depiction that I believe and the reason that I would like to be Miss ETBU.
Favorite ETBU Faculty Staff: Dr. Johnson. He has had the greatest influence on my life. From aiding me with wisdom in my call to pastoral ministry to daily struggles, he consistently takes the opportunity to speak truth into my life. He is also the best Greek professor a student could ever have. 
Favorite ETBU Event(s): Two-Stepping Competition and Java Jam
Favorite Dessert: Dairy Free Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Priscila Ramos
Priscila Ramos

Major: Nursing
Hometown: Arlington
I want to be Miss ETBU because... We have one life. We can dream, we can be ambitious - that is a must when it comes to success, but we also must be realistic with where we are in correlation with the person God intended us to be. Be a person with a purpose to fulfill His divine purpose in your life.
Favorite ETBU Faculty Staff: Tied with two people! The first is Mrs. Hudnall. She is one of the best professors I have had. She truly cares for her students and wants to see them succeed. I was scared to start college and especially to take anatomy and physiology my first semester. But, having her as my professor made life better. I am very thankful for her and the gift God gave her for teaching! The second ETBU staff that I absolutely love is Mrs. Burns. I love Madi Burns because she takes time out of her day to ask how you are, and she gives the best advice! She wants to build a relationship with you and will invite you to her house to fellowship. She made me feel so loved and valued during my first year of college. 
Favorite ETBU Event(s): Fall Formal and Tiger Camp
Favorite Dessert: Beignet

Hannah Stewart
Hannah Stewart

Major: Music Education
Hometown: Bullard
I want to be Miss ETBU because... I would like to be Miss ETBU so I can give back to the university and the ETBU community what they have given to me. Over the past three years at ETBU I have grown emotionally, spiritually, and socially. I simply want to chance to express how much ETBU has contributed to the development of the person I am today.
Favorite ETBU Faculty Staff: Mr. Chris Smith - In Lampsato Worship Band, Mr. Smith always pushes me to the best of my ability so that I can become the hard-working musician I was created to be. On top of his responsibilities as a professor, he consistently finds time to encourage every one of his students. I am so thankful to have him as a professor and for his wisdom and constant honesty. 
Favorite ETBU Event(s): Connexus
Favorite Dessert: Triple Chocolate Chunk Brownies

Guidelines for Miss ETBU

Listed below are the guidelines that pertain to qualifications, tenure, and disqualification of contestants or Miss ETBU. As an applicant, read the guidelines carefully.

I. Qualifications
A.   A contestant must not presently be serving as Miss ETBU.
B.   Contestants must a female, undergraduate, ETBU student who has completed a minimum of twenty-four semester hours and must have completed one year at ETBU prior to the fall pageant. 
C.   Contestants must indicate their intention of attending ETBU for at least one year following the Miss ETBU selection and of graduating from ETBU. The contestant should disqualify herself if anything would prevent her from fulfilling her duties as Miss ETBU.
D.   Contestants must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.75 and must be in good standing with the university.
E.   Contestants should possess qualities of Christian character consistent with the ideals and purposes of the university.
F.   Contestants should live a life exhibiting high moral standards and a healthy lifestyle.  As a representative of the University, Miss ETBU will strictly adhere to University policies regarding use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs.
G.  Contestants should be single, never married, and not have children.

II. Tenure and Duties
A.   Miss ETBU shall serve for one year from the time of her selection to the following year’s selection.
B.   Miss ETBU shall represent the students and the university at various campus events and official functions when called upon (e.g. Tiger Day, Family Weekend, Homecoming, recruitment work, off-campus public relations events, etc.).
C.   Miss ETBU shall be expected to participate in parades (Fire Ant Festival, Marshall Christmas Parade, etc.) and be able to perform or speak at the request of ETBU faculty and staff (Lion’s Club, Rotary Club, etc.)
D.   Miss ETBU shall be expected to check in with the Marketing Department every two weeks to coordinate schedules and calendar.
E.   Miss ETBU shall be expected to be present at the following year’s selection to present her title to her successor.

III. Disqualification
A.   Disciplinary probation or disciplinary suspension shall result in forfeiture of the title.
B.   Academic probation or suspension shall result in forfeiture of the title.
C.   Leaving school for reasons other than health or graduation shall result in forfeiture of the title.
D.   Unavailability for service as Miss ETBU through factors listed will result in forfeiture of the title.
E.   Student Engagement will decide when the above conditions are applicable.

Contact Information

Name/Title Division Phone
Holly Edwards
Assistant Vice President for Student Engagement
Dean of Students
Student Engagement 903-923-2364 Send Message View Bio