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Application for Honors Program Incoming Students

Section One: Personal Information
Section Two: Recommendation
Please include a letter of recommendation from a non-family member who has supervised your work in the classroom, at a job, through a creative project, or through community service. This letter should be signed, sealed, and included with this application form. Letters of recommendation should address the following qualities about the application:
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Capacity for creative and analytical thinking
  • Motivation to complete assignments
  • Ability to work with others
Information about Your Recommender
Recommender Info
Section Three: Essay
Write an essay of approximately 500 words in which you answer ONE of the following questions:
  • In Mark 12:30, Jesus declares as part of the first and greatest commandment that "you shall love the Lord your God...with all you mind..." How does someone love God with all one's mind?
  • If someone were to say to you there is no value in reading old books, what would you say in response?
Sign above
Submit application materials to: 

Dr. Zachary Beck, honors Program Director
East Texas Baptist University
One Tiger Drive
Marshall, TX 75670-1498