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International Admissions for Undergraduates

The college you choose plays a defining role in what you believe, how you think, and who you become. ETBU is a Christ-centered university characterized by close community, excellent teaching, and robust student engagement. Let us help you fulfill God's plan for your life. Be You at ETBU.

Follow the steps below to apply for ETBU.

Admissions Process and Information

The admissions process starts by submitting an Application for Admission and Financial Aid. A US$50 application fee is required for all international applications for admission, and it can be paid online here.

High School or College Transcripts
Official copies of transcripts must be submitted from the high school or college(s) you attended prior to applying to ETBU. If the transcripts are not in English, they must be accompanied by a written translation and explanation of the grading system. College credit earned outside of the US, must be evaluated by an outside agency to be considered for transfer credit. (Visit for a listing of evaluating agencies or have ETBU evaluate the transcript for a fee of $75.00.)

Certification of Finances
International students must prove that they have adequate financial resources to cover at least one full year at East Texas Baptist University. The Certification of Finances form must be submitted with official copies of bank statements for the student, family, and/or sponsor showing sufficient available funds. This form will be e-mailed to the applicant once we receive your application and application fee.

Housing Application
International students are required to live in campus housing at ETBU. You are required to submit your Application for Single or Family Student Housing. The housing application is will be provided along with other application materials upon receipt of your application and application fee.

Health Affidavit
Students must also submit the Health Information Form and copies of immunization records, especially verification of the Bacterial Meningitis vaccination. The Health Information Form will be provided along with other application materials upon receipt of your application and application fee.

English Proficiency

Students whose native language is not English must also submit one of the following:

  • TOEFL score of 61(ibt) or IELTS score of 6.0;
  • Proof of completion of an accredited ESL program;
  • Letter certifying English was medium of instruction for at least one year of your formal education.
Initial Fees and Deposits

(Remember, all fees can be paid here by credit card.)

Before the issuance of a Form I-20 by the Office of International Education, a student must pay the following fees:

  • US$50 Application Fee - The application fee is non-refundable. You may also use international money order or bank transfer to pay this and other fees. Do not send cash or personal checks. If you are applying from within the United States, checks may be accepted.
  • US$75 Transcript Evaluation Fee - College credit earned outside of the US, must be evaluated by an outside agency to be considered for transfer credit. 

If you are unable to access the forms, you may request them to be mailed or emailed to you by contacting Lisa Seeley at

Applying for a VISA

Once ETBU has received all your required admissions paperwork and determined that you are admissible, the Form I-20 will be sent to you. To study in the United States you must then apply for a student F-1 visa at your country's nearest U.S.A. Embassy or Consulate. You may not, except in unusual circumstances, apply for your U.S. visa while in the United States or outside your country of citizenship.

Below is a list of documents you must present at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate when applying for a visa:

Valid passport
As you will probably be applying for a 4-year multiple entry U.S. visa, it is important that your passport expiration date is at least six months after the anticipated visa expiry date. For example, if you were getting your F-1 four-year visa in May 2014, make sure your passport expires no earlier than the same day in December 2018. (Applying on May 25, 2014 = your passport should NOT EXPIRE BEFORE December 25, 2018)

ETBU will issue you Form I-20 when you have satisfied the requirements outlined on our website and at the United States State Department website. The form will then be sent to you by mail. Always take your I-20 Form when travelling in and out of the United States, and do not forget to get it signed on the back by your Designated School Official (DSO) before you leave the U.S. to go home for a period of time. It is recommended to keep your I-20 with your passport at all times.

Certification of Finances and Education Documents
You may also be interviewed at the U.S. Embassy / Consulate when applying for your visa. During this interview it may be necessary to present your academic transcripts, proof of your your ability to pay (bank statements), and evidence of your intention to return to your country after graduation from ETBU. (For example, family members, permanent home, a job offer, other physical or financial assets in your home country.)

Tuition and Fees

Admissions Requirements for International Students
Undergraduate Students Transfer Students Graduate Students
Application and $50 Fee Application and $50 Fee Application and $50 Fee
High School Transcript University Transcript University Transcript with Degree
TOEFL (61) or IELTS (6.0) Scores International Transcript Degree Equivalency Evaluation
Certification of Finances TOEFL (61) or IELTS (6.0) Scores Overall 2.75 GPA
Housing Application Certification of Finances TOEFL (61) or IELTS (6.0) Scores
Passport Copy Housing Application Certification of Finances
Health Information Form Passport Copy Housing Application
Health Information Form Passport Copy
Health Information Form