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Thank you for attending ETBU's New Student Orientation experience. Please take time to look over the Checklist for NSO.

New Student Orientation Next Steps

Registration for Classes – At this point you should already have worked with a faculty advisor to register for fall classes.

TigerMail – Once you are registered, access your TigerMail (typically username: password: first 2 letters of last name and last 4 digits of social). For help contact your Admissions Counselor at 903.923.2000.

Financial Statement – Once registered for classes, meal plan and housing will be added to the financial statement along with tuition. For help contact the Business Office at 903.923.2055 or email

Financial Aid Awarded – The Financial Aid Office will send an email outlining Financial Aid, instructions, and a PIN for access to Campus Connect. For help contact the Financial Aid Office at 903.923.2138 or email

Accept Financial Aid – Log on to Campus Connect using PIN and accept Financial Aid. For help contact the Financial Aid Office at 903.923.2138 or email 

Make Financial Arrangements – Pay or set up payment plans by July 31. Class schedule may be dropped if arrangements are not made. For help contact the Business Office at 903.923.2055, or visit Pay My Bill.

Register for Tiger Camp – Tiger Camp is August 12-15, 2021 and is for incoming freshmen and transfer students

Purchase Books – Locate textbooks by course and order so they arrive before the first day of class. 

Mini Term Courses – Freshmen and Transfers may consider registering for the August term. Discuss this with your Academic Advisor. Find class schedules by term on the ETBU Schedule of Classes.

First Day of Fall Semester – August 16, 2021

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