Lifetime Membership

Single:  $500.00lifetime.jpg
Couple:  $550.00

Membership benefits include all Annual Membership benefits PLUS:

  • Lifetime Membership ID Card
  • Lifetime Member Gift
  • Lifetime Member Certificate with Individual Number
  • Free Access to Athletic Events (Football game reservations must be made through the Alumni Office at least one week prior to game.  One ticket per season for each lifetime member)

Special Deals for Young Alums:  $300 Lifetime  *  Reunion Classes:  $400 Lifetime

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Golden Blazers

Golden Blazer requirements include:

  • must be a graduate of the University
  • must have a cumulative giving of $10,000 or more ($15,000 for couples who are both alumni)
  • must be a Lifetime member of the ETBU Alumni Association
  • must have fulfilled a volunteer service above and beyond monetary giving (includes being a member of the Alumni Council, Trustee, Class Agent, Volunteer Center, etc.)

At Homecoming, the President will present each graduate who meets these requirements with a Golden Blazer embroidered with the ETBU seal.