The Best Leaders are the Best Learners

According to research by Kouzes & Posner (The Truth About Leadership, 2010) the best leaders really are the best learners.  We are committed to equipping every student to be successful in the classroom and as a leader on our campus and in the world.  Every freshman student at ETBU takes learning and leading (LEAD 1111) as a part of our commitment to empowering you as a leader.

Students in Learning and Leading are equipped to:

  • Serve as Christian leaders in the community
  • Build the character necessary for credibility in leadership
  • Enhance their skills for leadership



Which school do I serve at?
LEAD 1111 sections will all serve together at the same school. Check your blackboard for additional details. Upperclassmen serving in the schools may select a school preference using the sign-up form.
How can I check to see how many hours I've served?
Log into your Time Station by visiting
What's my Time Station password?
The first time you log in to Time Station, you'll use the "forgot password" link. You can then reset your password to a password of your choice using the link that will be sent to your Tigermail account.
What if the hours showing in Time Station don't match the number of hours I've actually served?
Paper logs will be collected from the schools once a month on Fridays. You are responsible for logging in with Time Station AND signing a paper log each time you serve. If you believe there is an error with your Time Station log, you can visit the Learning & Leading Coordinator to check the paper logs.

Click below for the instructions from the orientation meeting.