Student Achievement

East Texas Baptist University uses a variety of measures and tools, consistent with the University Mission, to evaluate success with respect to student achievement.  As a Christian, liberal arts institution of higher education, ETBU seeks to help students develop skills and lifestyle disciplines that will prepare them to serve humanity and the Kingdom of God.  The University is committed to providing and maintaining an environment conducive to learning and academic excellence. 


  1. East Texas Baptist University will retain 64 percent of first-time, full-time freshmen into their second year.  For the most recent first-time, full-time freshman cohort (Fall 2016), 55 percent returned for their second year.

  2. For each semester (fall and spring), the full-time degree-seeking undergraduate student body will complete with a grade of “D” or better at least 90 percent of the hours enrolled.  For the most recent term (Spring 2017), 91 percent of the hours enrolled were completed with a grade of “D” or better.

  3. For programs with post graduate license examinations, the pass rates will meet or exceed the required benchmark as set by the agency.  Currently, three programs require licensing examinations:  Athletic Training, Nursing, and Teacher Education.

    Athletic Training:  70 percent of graduates will pass the Board of Certification examination on their first attempt.  For the most recent year available (2016-2017), 75 percent passed the examination.

    Nursing:  90 percent of graduates will pass the NCLEX-RN (National Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses) on their first attempt.  For the most recent year available (2017), 100 percent passed the NCLEX-RN.

    Teacher Education:  80 percent of the graduates will pass the TExES (Texas Examinations of Educator Standards).  For the most recent year available (2016-2017), 99 percent passed the TExES.

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