Center for Excellence in Christian Scholarship

Vision Statement

"A World of Opportunity in a Community of Faith"

In the words of President Dub Oliver, "we [the East Texas Baptist University Community of Learners] believe all truth is God's truth and so we study and learn from a Christian worldview" (President's Message 2011). This foundational Christian thought establishes the framework for the vision of the Center for Excellence in Christian Scholarship (CECS) as we seek to serve the learning community of ETBU by tracking and providing opportunities for intentional growth in the areas of scholarly research, exceptional teaching, and quality mentoring. We believe that our academic pursuits and Christian beliefs are not mutually exclusive; rather, we endeavor to examine our individual areas of scholarly research in light of our Christian faith for the edification of the ETBU campus community, thereby impacting the world around us.

The CECS provides faculty, staff and students at East Texas Baptist University with a virtual center for continued engagement in the questions surrounding what it means to create and participate in scholarship that embraces a Christian worldview without compromising in the pursuit of scientific truth and intellectual inquiry.

CECS Goals & Values

The primary goals of the CECS are to engage Christian scholars across academic disciplines in an effort to foster on-going edification of the East Texas Baptist University community by:

  •     hosting forums for ongoing engagement in scholarly discussions between faculty, staff and students
  •     creating formats for cross-disciplinary discussions of faith integration in the college classroom
  •     offering frequent opportunities for faculty development
  •     providing training materials
  •     promoting faculty publications, presentations and other forms of peer-reviewed scholarship
  •     sponsoring project funding and grant opportunities
  •     highlighting the inspiring accomplishments of the members of the ETBU academic community.