Faculty and Staff Mail Information


Thank you for helping us to process your mail efficiently and in a timely manner.  Using these procedures will help to assure that your mail is processed as quickly and accurately as possible. Much of ETBU’s mail is processed by part-time student employees and following these guidelines will help them to provide you with the best service. 

Mailing Address

Individual’s First and Last Name
Department Name
One Tiger Drive
Marshall, TX  75670 

Please insure that when you receive mail, especially packages, that they are addressed as above. We frequently receive mail simply addressed only to East Texas Baptist University, and the package delivery is delayed as we search for the recipient.

Change of Personnel

All departments are responsible for maintaining addresses and forwarding all departmental mail. If you change departments or have a change in personnel then you should notify the Director of Campus Services via e-mail at (drogersl@etbu.edu) of the changes and when they are to take place (preferably the first day of the change). 


Please click here for more information on:

Incoming and Outgoing Mail

Metered Mail

Bulk Mailings


Special Mail Services

  • If you are sending International mail, please place a sticky note on the mail and give it to the worker at the window. International mail requires more postage and we do not read addresses before we run mail, therefore it is likely to be metered incorrectly.
  • Certified Mail. If you wish to send certified mail, we have the necessary cards you need to fill out in the mailroom. Please ask the workers at the window for assistance.