Centers and Institutes

The Center for Excellence in Christian Scholarship


The CECS provides faculty, staff and students at East Texas Baptist University with a virtual center for continued engagement in the questions surrounding what it means to create and participate in scholarship that embraces a Christian worldview without compromising in the pursuit of scientific truth and intellectual inquiry.

The Fred Hale School of Business Institute of Economic Education


The Fred Hale School of Business has launched an Institute of Economic Education that will provide the forum and platform for intellectual engagement, academic research, and community education based on the principles of a free market economy.

Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)

The Academic Center for Excellence provides assistance to students who need or desire additional academic support with their General Education courses.

The tutors working in ACE are ETBU students who excel academically in their studies. They are committed to assisting any student by empowering them with the skills needed to become a successful student.