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Multicultural Affairs

Multicultural Affairs

Multicultural Affairs is here to ensure all minorities on campus are represented in social organizations, honors programs or other areas of interest. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the needed support away from home, in order for you to thrive on campus.

Below are a few organizations currently available you should consider joining. However, we are open to suggestions and would like to know your interest. Complete one, two, three or all the links below… We are looking forward to an exciting year where we want your voice to be heard. The best way to do that is to become involved.

Angelita Jackson
Angelita Jackson
A Message from the Coordinator

My office is located in the Student Center next to the coffee shop, where I can be found most mornings. I would love for you to drop by say, “Hello” and introduce yourself! We can just talk or walk through any questions, concerns and definitely celebrate your accomplishments.

Looking forward to meeting you!

NAHN students 2021
Janet Flores, Karla Magana, Vanessa Flores, Raquelin Ledesma, Anna Rodriquez, Bryana Lara, Kristina Alvarez, Melissa Gonzalez, and Alyssa Campos.
Diana Garcia, President

We provide members with leadership, mentors, apprentices, professional and educational opportunities. Join us to promote professionalism in Hispanic Nursing and to promote health in the Hispanic Community. National Scholarships are available.
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We serve as the voice for black nurses and diverse populations ensuring equal access to professional development, promoting educational opportunities and improving health.
The organization provide a forum for Black Nurses to advocate and implement strategies that will ensure access to the highest quality of healthcare for persons of color. 
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Conversations of Brotherhood, Resolution, Networking and Change Among Men
“MINORITY MEN MAKING A DIFFERENCE” is an organization that strives to support ways of nurturing, and bolstering persistence of social, religious and academic performance among minority males at East Texas Baptist University. The organization is open to all students, friends and allies who are interested in being a supportive presence in the lives of these young men. JOIN THE MEN THAT ARE UNAFRAID TO LEAD
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We motivate and assist others through academic enrichment, professional development, self-awareness and networking. Our focus is community service through voter awareness, financial literacy, read-ins, tutoring programs, homeless shelters, mentoring programs, church programs or the support of well-known initiatives such as Head Start and St. Jude. National scholarship opportunities are available.
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What culture, food, language, tradition, music, event or holiday do you suggest to CELEBRATE AND EDUCATE?
Add your suggestions here.

Mission Statement
The Office of Multicultural Affairs is committed to creating a Christ-centered, inclusive, and equitable environment encouraging all students to celebrate their heritage while also understanding, valuing, and embracing the cultural diversity of others.

Vision Statement
The Office of Multicultural Affairs provides students the opportunity to engage their minds through multicultural programming, cross-cultural enlightenment, and leadership development helping them to become better Christian servant leaders within their culturally diverse communities.

Core Values

  • Christ-centered Commitment: Integrate Christian values within all programming and educational experiences.
  • Supportive Community: Support and encourage students of diverse cultures in leadership, cultural identity, self-identity, and career development.
  • Enlightenment: Enrich and develop cultural knowledge for all students.

Learning Outcomes

  • Faith: Through the integration of Christ-centered values, students will develop the ability to serve others of different cultures while also embracing their Christian faith.
  • Engagement: Through programming, education, and support, students will develop the knowledge and skills to succeed academically, culturally, and in lifelong endeavors.
  • Leadership: Students will develop the ability to become Christian servant leaders for their callings to God and humanity.
  • Community Involvement: Students will develop the ability to become active, productive, and vocal leaders within their culturally diverse communities.

Reporting: The Coordinator of Multicultural Affairs reports to the Vice President of Student Engagement.

Celebrating Black History Month on the Hill

Contact Information

Name/Title Division Phone
Angelita Jackson
Multicultural Affairs Coordinator
Student Engagement 903.923.2127 Send Message View Bio