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Multicultural Affairs

Multicultural Affairs

Multicultural Affairs is here to ensure all minorities on campus are represented in social organizations, honors programs, or other areas of interest. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the needed support away from home in order for you to thrive on campus.

We are looking forward to an exciting year where we want your voice to be heard. The best way to do that is to become involved.


What culture, food, language, tradition, music, event or holiday do you suggest to CELEBRATE AND EDUCATE?
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Mission Statement
The Office of Multicultural Affairs is committed to creating a Christ-centered, inclusive, and equitable environment encouraging all students to celebrate their heritage while also understanding, valuing, and embracing the cultural diversity of others.

Vision Statement
The Office of Multicultural Affairs provides students the opportunity to engage their minds through multicultural programming, cross-cultural enlightenment, and leadership development helping them to become better Christian servant leaders within their culturally diverse communities.

Core Values

  • Christ-centered Commitment: Integrate Christian values within all programming and educational experiences.
  • Supportive Community: Support and encourage students of diverse cultures in leadership, cultural identity, self-identity, and career development.
  • Enlightenment: Enrich and develop cultural knowledge for all students.

Learning Outcomes

  • Faith: Through the integration of Christ-centered values, students will develop the ability to serve others of different cultures while also embracing their Christian faith.
  • Engagement: Through programming, education, and support, students will develop the knowledge and skills to succeed academically, culturally, and in lifelong endeavors.
  • Leadership: Students will develop the ability to become Christian servant leaders for their callings to God and humanity.
  • Community Involvement: Students will develop the ability to become active, productive, and vocal leaders within their culturally diverse communities.

Reporting: The Coordinator of Multicultural Affairs reports to the Vice President of Student Engagement.