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ACE Power Hour Request Form

Faculty Info for Power Hours

Power Hours are designed to help students prepare for exams in select courses. Our Academic Center of Excellence (ACE) tutors are trained in leading group study and material review. Power Hours are led by either an ACE tutor or the instructor themselves. Power Hours are typically held the night before an exam and consist of study tips, general review, and any material students may need extra help on.

Note to Instructors: please use the form below to schedule a Power Hour for any upcoming exam. Date and time of Power Hour must FIRST be discussed with the ACE tutor of choice. 

Pending confirmation and approval, Ms. Leska Papas will send email announcement to instructor, tutor, and class.  For room reservation purposes, please ensure that all requests are submitted at least three days prior to requested date.  All Power Hours are scheduled for one hour, unless otherwise requested in notes.   All sign in sheets must be submitted to Academic Success to ensure proper data input. If you would like a copy of your sign in sheet, please email Leska Papas.

Power Hour requests must be submitted by instructors ONLY. Please make announcement for your class in Canvas once your Power Hour is confirmed.