B.A. Music Major

Semester by Semester Plans for Piano / Vocal / Instrumental Concentrations

The Music Major on the Bachelor of Arts degree is provided for students to (1) develop competency in basic musicianship that will serve them in a variety of personal and professional endeavors throughout their life, (2) prepare students for graduate school programs in a variety of disciplines and fields, and (3) facilitate interdisciplinary endeavaors and liberal arts pursuits.  This degree provides a significant amount of flexibility and elective options for students. These electives allow students to focus on a particular area of the music discipline such as music theory, music composition, or musicology. In addition to regularly scheduled courses, these students can work with faculty members to create special topics courses that are specific to their areas of interest. These students can also use electives to select a minor from another academic field to integrate a wider range of academic interests. Some of these minors are Religion, Business, Theatre Arts, English, Foreign Languages and Psychology. Students are encouraged to study the ETBU catalog to determine the minor area that best compliments their interests and career goals.

Students completing a Music Major on the BA degree may qualify for a wide variety of graduate programs both in music and in other disciplines. Students are provided faculty advisors to assist them in choosing the best electives and courses that will help them reach their professional goals.

General Education Requirements[47]
      English 1301, 1302 plus 3 hours sophomore literature [9]
      Fine Arts (three (3) hours from Theatre, Art or equivalent) [3]
      Foreign Language (at least one semester second year, all hours in same language) [11]
      Religion 1320 and 1330 [6]
      History [3]
      Social Science (GEOG/PSYC/SOCI/POSC) [3]
      Physical Activity (KINE 1238) [2]
      Science (must be lab science) [4]
      Mathematics [3]
      Speech 1311 [3]
Major area of study[52]
Basic Musicianship Requirements[26]
MUSI 1000 Recital (six (6) semesters required) [0]
      MUSI 1128, 1129, 2128, 2129 Aural Skills I, II, III, IV [4]
      MUSI 1308, 1309, 2308, 2309 Music Theory I, II, III, IV [12]
      MUSI 2201 Survey of Western Music [2]
      MUSI 3107 Music Technology [1]
      MUSI 3108, World Music [1]
      MUSI 4301, 4302 Music History I, II [6]
Applied Study/Performance[20]
      Applied Concentration [10]
      Secondary Performance Study [3]
      Music Laboratory (performance ensembles) [7]
      MUSI 3030, 3031, 3040 or 3051 Junior Recital [0]
Additional Music Hours[8]
Minor/Additional Hours (electives or departmental requirements)[18]
      MUSI 3308 Techniques and Materials for Class Piano (required for piano concentration)
Electives (to total 120 hours)[3]
      LEAD 1111 Learning and Leading
Total: One hundred twenty (120) Semester Hours

A complete description of Music Majors and Minors and course descriptions are available online in the current ETBU catalog.

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