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Music Audition Information

Audition Process and Information for Prospective Music Majors
All students planning to major in music at East Texas Baptist University are required to audition for acceptance into the The Department of Music and Theatre Arts. Students are encouraged to complete the audition process prior to beginning their work at ETBU. However, incoming students with no prior college music credit may choose to enroll in music courses and defer the official audition process until the completion of their first semester of music study at ETBU. Music students transferring from another college or university must complete the audition process prior to enrolling in ETBU music courses.

After acceptance into the The Department of Music and Theatre Arts, students wishing to major in Vocal Performance, Piano Performance, or Music Education will audition or apply for these programs at the end of the first year of study as a music major. Application and audition procedures for these programs are outlined in detail in the Music Student Handbook. The audition process is outlined in detail below.

The audition process is for prospective music majors only. Please complete and submit the online audition form.

Audition Requirements


Students auditioning in piano should prepare two works from different style periods from the standard classical repertoire. For strongest consideration, the works should be performed from memory. The following repertoire list may serve as a guideline:

Baroque Period
Bach: Three-part Inventions, Preludes and Fugues, Suite movements
Scarlatti: Sonatas
Handel: Suite movements

Classical Period
First or last movement of a sonata by Mozart, Haydn, or Beethoven

Romantic Period
Chopin: Nocturnes, preludes, mazurkas, polonaises, etc.
Schumann: selections from Scenes from Childhood, Fantasiestucke, etc.
Mendelssohn: Songs without words, Rondo capriccioso, etc.

Twentieth Century
Bartok: selections from Mikrokosmos
Kabalevsky: Preludes, Sonatinas
Debussy: selections from Children's Corner Suite, Arabesques 

Students may also be asked to sight-read a hymn or a short excerpt from standard piano literature.

To schedule your audition contact the Music Office at or phone 903.923.2158.


Repertoire for Musical Theatre Majors
Vocalists should prepare:
1. One musical theatre selection written before 1970 or one classical art song/aria in any language
2. One contrasting musical theatre selection of the applicant’s choice
3. One spoken monologue from a play or musical published after 1945. The monologue should not exceed 45-90 seconds in length.

Repertoire for Music, Music Education, and Worship Majors
Vocalists should have two selections with contrasting tempos, i.e. fast and slow, prepared to perform. Preferably, at least one selection should be Classical. Students may select the order of the performance.
Students currently taking private lessons should consult his or her instructor as to appropriate music for an audition. For Texas residents, any selections from the UIL solo list would be appropriate. A Texas high school choral director would have this list and could offer suggestions. Otherwise, feel free to contact us for suggestions.

Music, preferably, should be performed by memory. If sheet music must be used, original copies are needed. Photocopied music and taped accompaniment are usually considered inappropriate for auditions. Websites, such as Art Song Central and IMSLP, are good resources for free Classical sheet music in public domain you can download.

Students may bring their own accompanist, or we will be happy to provide one. If this has not already been arranged by phone, please contact the Communication and Performing Arts Office. It will be helpful for you to have the music in hand when you call. If we are providing an accompanist, we ask that you fax or mail copies of your music to us at least one week in advance so the accompanist will be familiar with your selections. Fax 903.934.8114 or mail to:
ETBU School of Communication and Performing Arts
One Tiger Drive
Marshall, TX 75670

To schedule your audition contact the Music Office at or phone 903.923.2158.


The ETBU Instrumental Music Faculty welcomes students who desire to audition. We are anxious to work with you to set up your audition, and to provide for you the information you need to prepare adequately. If you have any questions about your audition or audition material, please contact the Communication and Performing Arts Office.  

Wind and Percussion Instrument Audition Requirements

  • Students are expected to perform major and minor scales to whatever extent they have prepared them. Performance of these scales should demonstrate both technical and musical ability and the student's mastery of the full range of the instrument.

  • Students are also permitted to use the etudes used for the TMEA All-District, All-Region, and All-State auditions. Typically, two etudes are selected. The slower etude should demonstrate the student's musical and expressive ability, quality of tone and intonation, and breath control. The faster etude should primarily demonstrate the student's technical ability. Students from other states may perform the all-state audition material selected by their state music educators association.

  • Students may also perform a solo from the Texas UIL Solo list. If they cannot provide their own accompanist, they may contact the Communication and Performing Arts Office to make arrangements for one of the ETBU staff accompanists for their audition. Students from other states may submit their solo for approval prior to the audition.

To schedule your audition contact the Communication and Performing Arts Office at or phone 903.923.2158.


The ETBU Music Faculty welcomes students whose primary performance area is guitar and who desire to audition for acceptance into our music major program. We are anxious to work with you to set up your audition, and to provide for you the information you need to prepare adequately. If you have any questions about your audition or audition material, please contact the Communication and Performing Arts Office. 

Guitar Audition Requirements

  • Prepare and present two selections of contrasting styles. These pieces should demonstrate your technical ability and the diversity of your musical interests. Acceptable genres include standard classical repertoire, jazz chord melodies, acoustic finger style arrangements, and hymn or contemporary worship arrangements for solo guitar. One piece may utilize the guitar as an accompaniment instrument if you plan to demonstrate your vocal abilities as well. 

  • Students are requested to perform scales to whatever extent they have prepared them.

To schedule your audition contact the Communication and Performing Arts at or phone 903.923.2158.

As you complete the Online Audition Request Form, please note that there are several campus visit dates available or you may choose a specific date other than these listed. Please check the Visit ETBU page for more information on these dates.

Coordinate your campus visit with the music office (  Your campus visit schedule will provide time for you to warm up and prepare for the audition approximately 20 minutes prior to the scheduled audition time.  We will provide an accompanist for your audition if you need one. Students should come to the School of Communication and Performing Arts Office located in the Jenna Guest Music Building. Practice rooms are available for warm-up and practice prior to the audition. The secretary, music faculty, or music students will show you to these rooms. 

Non-Music Majors, Music Minors, and Choir and Band participants 
No formal audition is required of students not planning to major in music. If you desire to participate in one or more of our ensembles, we encourage you to contact each respective ensemble director.