Instrumental Audition Requirements

The ETBU Instrumental Music Faculty welcomes students who desire to audition. We are anxious to work with you to set up your audition, and to provide for you the information you need to prepare adequately. If you have any questions about your audition or audition material, please contact the Communication and Performing Arts Office. 

Wind and Percussion Instrument Audition Requirements:

  • Students are expected to perform major and minor scales to whatever extent they have prepared them. Performance of these scales should demonstrate both technical and musical ability and the student's mastery of the full range of the instrument.

  • Students are also permitted to use the etudes used for the TMEA All-District, All-Region, and All-State auditions. Typically, two etudes are selected. The slower etude should demonstrate the student's musical and expressive ability, quality of tone and intonation, and breath control. The faster etude should primarily demonstrate the student's technical ability. Students from other states may perform the all-state audition material selected by their state music educators association.

  • Students may also perform a solo from the Texas UIL Solo list. If they cannot provide their own accompanist, they may contact the Communication and Performing Arts Office to make arrangements for one of the ETBU staff accompanists for their audition. Students from other states may submit their solo for approval prior to the audition.

To schedule your audition contact the Communication and Performing Arts Office at or phone 903-923-2158.

To visit with one of our applied lesson teachers, contact them directly:

Brass instruments: Dr. Doug Lockard -

Woodwind instruments: Dr. Tom Webster -

Percussion instruments: Mr. Anthony Robinson -

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