Frequently Asked Questions

The band program at East Texas Baptist University includes the Tiger Marching Band, open to all students in the fall semester, the Symphonic Band, an auditioned group that meets in the spring semester, and the Jazz Band, an auditioned group that meets in both the fall and spring semesters.

Why college band?
Students in the ETBU Bands come from every academic area. They come from large and small schools, some from high-powered, competitive band programs and some from schools without a marching band. They participate in band for the same reasons you do…musical and intellectual development, social interaction and friendships and a desire to be an active part of campus life and school spirit.


What is college band like?
Most students find that the college marching band experience is very different from high school band. The Tiger Marching Band is not a competitive band, but combines the best elements of traditional college band and corps-style drill and music at halftime. Our Pre-game is a shortened drill in the traditional military band style. Good musicianship, performance excellence and fun are our major goals. The Tiger Marching Band performs at four or five Tiger Football home games, usually one away game and the Homecoming parade and bonfire. We are a major source of crowd spirit at games and pride ourselves on a close relationship with ETBU Athletics. The Symphonic Band performs a Christmas concert in December and two concerts in the spring semester. The Symphonic Band takes a three-day performance tourevery other February.

Won’t it take up too much time?
This seems to be the most common concern for the 1st year student. Perhaps the first question you should ask yourself is whether or not you want to end your association with band participation after so many years of dedication and training. Some students decide to "wait and see if I have time," and with few exceptions never perform again. Later in their junior or senior year they regret not performing while they perhaps had the final opportunity to do so in college. Most reflect after their 1st year that they did have the time to participate in band but felt that they "didn't want to start late" or "thought their technique had slipped too much."

We have carefully planned rehearsals with your busy college schedule in mind. The Tiger Marching Band and Symphonic Bands rehearse Monday-Thursday 4:00pm-5:15pm…five hours each week! All students need a break from daily study and classroom work. The opportunity to participate in a highly respected college organization that offers social activity, musical enjoyment, and many personal rewards is yours and available uniquely to the members of ETBU Bands. The percussion section and color guard each hold a weekly sectional due to the nature of their role in the band's performances (scheduled during camp after consultation with members of the section). There are no extra rehearsals and you will miss no classes by participating in the Tiger Marching Band.

Is it a class? Will it take up room in my schedule?
All bands at ETBU are classes, earning one credit hour. This credit hour can be covered by a band ensemble scholarship. Band is an attendance based class. If you don’t exceed the number of rehearsal absences allowed in the course syllabus, you will make an “A”.

What if I have a course conflict, like a lab?
Members are allowed an hour of course conflict each week. We understand that sometimes labs and degree requirements get in the way. These are approved on an individual basis in consultation with your professors.

Will I have to audition?
Any interested student with basic performing abilities will automatically be accepted into the Tiger Marching Band. The only auditions that take place are during band camp for placement on parts within sections. Whether it has been a few months or a few years since you last played your instrument, it is never too late to pick it up again. We want members who want to be members; desire is more important than virtuoso performance.

Band Camp
The Tiger Marching Band does have a one-week camp that takes place prior to freshman orientation and the start of the Fall Semester. Band leadership and drumline come in a few days earlier. Band members are allowed to move into dorms early and all meals are provided. At band camp, you will be issued your music and uniform. If you do not have an instrument, one will be provided for you. Our camp schedule is relaxed, with periods of focused work and long breaks and evening social events so we can get to know each other.

Is participation in marching band required to be in a concert band or jazz ensemble?
Yes…and no- you can be in any combination of ensembles that will fit your schedule and musical qualifications. Some of our students prefer to participate only in marching, concert or jazz ensembles. Others prefer to maintain membership in some or all these ensembles. In order to receive a scholarship for your participation, you must participate in both the fall and spring semesters. Membership in the jazz ensemble requires participation in the Marching or Symphonic Bands.

Are scholarships available?
Yes – we are often able to help you with the cost of your education through a “Band Ensemble” scholarship. These scholarships are awarded based on ability, financial need, and the needs of the band program. You may set up an audition during the summer, or you can audition at band camp. You must register for both the fall (Tiger Marching Band) and spring (Symphonic Band) semesters in order to receive your scholarship.

What do I need to do to sign-up for the Marching Band?
Send an email as soon as possible to with your name, instrument that you play (please let us know if you need to borrow an instrument) and phone number. When you visit with your advisor, let him or her know that you want to be enrolled in Marching Band, MUSI 1133.01. You will be sent detailed information about Band Camp and the upcoming season!

For more information contact the School of Communication and Performing Arts
Pam Purvis, Administrative Secretary
East Texas Baptist University
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