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Department of Music

The Department of Music provides a diverse program of training in music that reflects historical traditions of music, music education, musical theatre, and music ministry leadership. It seeks to broaden each student's knowledge of musical practice and to challenge all students to develop and utilize their artistic talents in both secular and sacred contexts in ways consistent with their Christian worldview. Further, the Department of Music prepares students for opportunities to study music at the graduate level in varying areas of specialization and for professional success in vocations in the field and its related fields.

In the Department of Music you will perform in a variety of ensemble types, expand your knowledge of music, and develop skills in many aspects of the discipline including performance, technology, education, worship leadership, theory, and history. You will experience a challenging environment led by a passionate and caring faculty who are committed to your personal, professional, and spiritual growth. You may choose one of our specific music major programs: Music, Music Education, Musical Theatre, or Worship Studies. If you major in another discipline you may choose a minor in music or worship arts, which includes courses in music, religion, media production, theatre, and speech communication.

East Texas Baptist University is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) and thereby meets the highest national standards in each and every area of study within the discipline.

Contact Information

Dr. Thomas Webster
Dean, School of Communication and Performing Arts
Professor of Music
903.923.2157  |

Dr. Candice Aipperspach
Assistant Professor of Music
Coordinator of Vocal Activities
903.923.2165  |

Cammy Burkhalter
Assistant Professor of Music
Director of Hilltop Singers
Coordinator of Music Education
903.923.2155  |

Cathy DeRousse
Staff Accompanist  |  University Organist
Director of the Bennett Technology Lab
Adjunct Instructor of Music
903.923.2166  |

Dr. Justin Hodges
Chair, Department of Music
Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities
903.923.2162  |

Dr. Douglas Lockard
Professor of Music
Coordinator of Instrumental Activities
903.923.2167  |

Chris Moix
Assistant Professor of Music
Interim Director of Bands
903.923.2168  |

Chris Smith
Assistant Professor of Music
Coordinator of Worship Studies 
903.923.2163  |

Pam Purvis
Administrative Secretary, School of Communication and Performing Arts
903.923.2158  |