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Forensic Science

The minor will prepare students for an exciting career as a forensic scientist. Graduates will be highly qualified to work as an a forensic scientist in a variety of law enforcement agencies. The courses will provide content and skills within those areas in which the student may seek certification by the International Association of Identification (IAI) or other forensic science peer review associations including the Southwest Association of Forensic Science.


Forensic Science Minor Requirements

Eighteen (18) semester hours:

FORS 3301 Fundamentals of Forensic Science I
FORS 3101 Fundamentals of Forensic Science I Laboratory
FORS 3302 Fundamentals of Forensic Science II
FORS 3102 Fundamentals of Forensic Science II Laboratory
CJUS 3314 Criminal Investigation
CJUS 3315 Crime Scene Investigation
CJUS 3115 Crime Scene Investigation Lab
Three (3) semester hours from the following:
CHEM 4351 Internship in Chemistry
Three (3) advanced hours in Criminal Justice