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Mass Communication (B.S.)

The mass communication major focuses on the broad dissemination of information through mediated mass media. Courses in integrated campaigns, media law and ethics, and public relations help prepare students for careers in new media, social media, media strategy, corporate planning, and other fields that rely on widespread dissemination of messages through mediated communication. The Mass Communication major offers two specializations: Public Relations and Sports Communication. 


  1. Students will identify and examine various forms of mass media from both traditional and innovative media perspectives.
  2. Students will demonstrate their knowledge and skills by creating, gathering, editing, and presenting information through a variety of mass media. 
  3. Students will discover key elements of major communication theories which provide a strong foundation for reaching audiences effectively. 
  4. Students will evaluate legal frameworks of communication necessary to create ethical and responsible content for distribution across media channels.


General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements - 46 hours
English 1301, 1302, and three hours sophomore literature - 9
Fine Arts (three hours from music, theatre, fine arts, art, or equivalent) - 3
Christian Ministry 1320 and 1330 - 6
History - 3
Political Science 2305 - 3
Social Science (CJUS, ECON, GEOG, PSYC, SOCI) - 3
Physical Activity - KINE 1238 - 2
Science (must be lab science) - 8
Mathematics (MATH 1342 and three additional hours) - 6
Communication 1311, 1315, or 1318 - 3

Major area of study (see below) - 54
Minor (optional, minimum of 18 hours if selected) - 18
Electives (to total 120 hours)
Total: Minimum one hundred twenty (120) semester hours

Mass Communication Major Requirements

Completion of fifty-four (54) semester hours, to include a specialization:
Mass Communication Core thirty-three (33) semester hours:
COMM 1301 Introduction to Mass Media  
COMM 2306 Social Media Communication
COMM 2312 Christianity and Communication
COMM 2339 Mass Media Writing  
COMM 3300 Research Methods in Communication  
COMM 3310 Mass Media Law and Ethics  
COMM 3321 Public Relations  
COMM 4309 Persuasive Communication
COMM 4305 Capstone in Communication 
COMM 4351 Internship in Communication

Choose one from the following:
COMM 4304 Media Theory

COMM 4308 Communication Theory

Available Specializations

Public Relations Specialization

Completion of twenty-one (21) semester hours:
COMM 3301 Professional Presentations
COMM 3308 Public Relations Writing  
COMM 3316 Web Design  
COMM 3324 Health Communication
COMM 4306 Integrated Marketing Communication Campaigns
COMM 4307 Public Relations Evaluation
MKTG 2324 Principles of Marketing

Sports Communication Specialization

Completion of twenty-one (21) semester hours:
COMM 2308 Digital Design and Production  
COMM 2311 Video Production
COMM 2310 Audio Production
COMM 3311 Sports Reporting and Writing  
COMM 3312 Broadcasting, Reporting and Announcing   
KINE 3315 Sport Marketing  

Three (3) hours from the following:
COMM 2318 Digital Photography
COMM 3303 Photojournalism

Semester by Semester Plans

Beginning in the 2023-2024 academic year, semester by semester plans are unique to each available specialization: Public Relations or Sports Communication.

Catalog Year 2023-2024 Public Relations
Catalog Year 2023-2024 Sports Communication
Catalog Year 2022-2023
Catalog Year 2021-2022
Catalog Year 2020-2021
Catalog Year 2019-2020
Catalog Year 2018-2019
Catalog Year 2017-2018